Best places in America to raise your children!!!

Being a family responsible person, it is important to know where you should raise your children in America. If you are considering relocating then before you hire cross country movers, you should get to know a lot about the different places. Affordability, crime rate, culture, schooling, health care facilities are some of the factors that should be considered at first. To better help you in deciding where you should live with your kids, here is a list of places that are -safe to live. So just hire the best cross country movers and start you’re preparing for the big relocation process. Start the process earlier so that you can find time to pick an ideal destination for you to start over new journey at the new place. Have a look at these several cities:

Boise, Idaho

It offers an affordable living cost when compared to all other parts of the country. The job market is steady and quality high schools are present here. The metro area of the place is also growing at a fast rate.


This is the place that does not usually come to mind of people but the state is great when it comes to affordability, educational pride, and low crime rate. The place has a wide range of cultural experiences for families. The city has everything perfect to live with your family. The neighbourhood, the community is also welcoming for people and families.


The place has a lot of restaurants, stunning nature views such as riverwalk area and much more like swimming complexes. There is a school named Indian prairie high school which has been ranked as first in the 2015 world’s report. It is also equipped with many other high-ranked schools.

Bowling green, OH

It is home to many outdoor parks, camps, and events making it the best place for families. The top-notch schools, affordable living costs, and all the big city amenities are available. The crime rate is 28% lower than the nation’s average crime rate. Also, the medical and surgical facilities make it perfect to relocate.


These days, most families want to start their lives in New York City. But they don’t find it affordable so they look for alternatives. Then the best alternative to New York City is Syracuse. Just a commutation of around 21 minutes, you can easily access the amenities of the big city. The place has nature’s beauty that will make the place livelier.


The city in Massachusetts has a population of around 117,000 approximately. You will have an urban feel and having a home here is very expensive so most people choose to get a home for rent. The place is also equipped with lots of restaurants, parks and coffee shops which you can easily visit along with your family and kids.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Besides the fact that it is popular for being a college town but this has so much more than this. The greenery of the place makes it stunning and beautiful. There are all four types of high schools so you can pick any school as per your preferences. It consists numerous numbers of museums which you can enjoy with your family.

The woodlands

Because of the house affordability rate, most people own their homes. Also, there are a lot of restaurants and parks present and the residents’ lives here are conservative in nature so you should be ready for it. Schools are also highly rated so you can also give good education to your child. Suburban feel of the area and the diversity in the population is welcoming for all people regardless of whether you are white or Hispanic.

Highland Park

The small town is located at a very short distance from the busy streets and hustle-bustle of the big city named Dallas. While the city has a higher living cost but several advantages of the place make it suitable to raise your family. A stable housing market, top-rated schools, and amenities are some out of those.

Irvine, Calif

The city is great as it comes as the top-ranked when it comes to health and safety rank. The schools and educational system are great there. Also, a lot of family friendly activities are present here. A series of fun loving activities and playground for kids are present here.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Deciding where to raise a family is a tall order and a crucial decision to make. Now with this list of cities, you can easily pick anyone out of all. Though picking the right place is completely dependent on your preferences like whether you give priority to the crime rate or whether you give priority to fun or educational activities or anything else. Here are the cities based on the overall family-friendliness culture and you can pick any as per your requirement.