Best Project Management Tools & Software for 2022

To become winning managers of project management requires hands-on perceptive in learning the rules in addition to practices of the project management. It is described as project management training. Well, traditional classroom training ambiance methodology has a set of guidelines & based on the framework of ethics & great practices. Contemporary management methodology is flexible & also applies lessons learned from past familiarity. These innovative methodologies have truly high values and should not be misapprehended as investments made in the project management training that will effectively improve the necessary working of the organization.

The results-oriented loom of good project management training is actually necessary for the project managers to make the concepts of the project management as well as deliberately apply their facts into their projects. But this in twirl can become the center of effectual reward policy which values reliability & performance by the project managers. Basing promotions and bonuses on the attributes and qualities that some organization is trying to set up in their management can lead to increasingly project managers putting the method learned with the aid of the training.

Besides training, let’s talk about some project management tools. Are you looking for project management tools that can assist you to handle your projects & team members smoothly?

It won’t be incorrect to say that applying novel methodologies, implementing innovative technology & tools have to turn out to be the need to improve your standing in the present scenario.

There are numerous project management tools & output apps to help you sharpen in on tasks & projects like a pro. To assist you to make sense of it all, we’ve rounded up the top project management software alternative to get you just a little bit closer to total output paradise.


Asana is an easy-to-use project management tool that can effortlessly manage small and bigger projects, which is why it’s part of our list of Best Project Management Tools & Software for 2022. The software is planned around tasks & subtasks arranged into diverse sections that can be assigned to either an individual or team.

For every task, the project manager & the rest of the team can converse in the same place, keeping teamwork for each project at a central, easy to get location PMP Course in Geneva.

ClickUpBest for unlimited users/seats

ClickUp is a good project management software tool with great features for managing and carrying out all your team’s projects in one stage. Users can plan projects, plan tasks, & manage resources in a centralized workspace, in addition to communicating and collaborating with team members & guests.

Task management features comprise task checklists, subtasks, and job templates, in addition to the capability to filter, sort, search for, effortlessly reorder, & view tasks in the manner most suitable for the team. Users can also make Gantt charts, calendars, & timelines to visualize tasks.

  • Envisage the work progress using the task tab.
  • Make checklists to handle projects professionally.
  • Spot overfull resources and modify the tasks using the workload charts.
  • Access all the squad tasks on a solitary dashboard using the agile board view.
  • Use the scrum point’s alternative to allocate a value to every task.


Zoho Projects is a most excellent project management tool intended for both small & midsize businesses. It provides an issue management feature to resolve faults in project tasks. Other products also feature document management, project preparation, & budgeting.

  • Everybody working on a project can log his/her billable & non-billable hours by timesheets
  • Create an error and track them as they get fixed & tested
  • The team will constantly access the newest version of all project credentials
  • Integrated simply with Third-party apps like Google, GitHub, Zapier, Dropbox


Teamwork is a simple-to-use plan organization method. This tool lets companies exploit their plan administration process. It lets you handle plans, customers, outworkers, & your squad in one place.


  • You can check all billable tiny of each project.
  • Helps you to boost profitability and develop your business.
  • Teamwork also helps you to keep away from needless meetings and get things done rapidly.
  • Run your customer facilities commercial with superior features & flexibility.
  • You can effortlessly importation all your tasks & plans with one click.


Paymo is a project management app that can be utilized to handle tasks from their start through completion. It is a perfect plan organization tool for small to medium-sized trades looking to abbreviate and attach their professional procedure.


  • Get updated information from a different system when approximating a project.
  • The Team Scheduler story allows you to generate a graphic timeline of toil completed by your squad members.

Must-Have Features of Top Project Management Tools

It can get taxing while choosing the right project organization tool from a comprehensive list of options. Make sure that you can plan, schedule, and follow your projects with simplicity.

Complete Project Planning and Scheduling

Each plan comprises numerous tasks and sub-tasks. So, it is vital to delegate the right tasks to the precise resources for best results. A small confusion can result in project incompetence.

Look for a project management tool that comes with a vigorous planning option. You must be competent to create tasks and subtasks with simplicity. There must be a feature to automatically plan and assign tasks to different resources of your squad. Further, with a clear visualization of squad workload, you must be able to reassign tasks rapidly.

Collaboration Features

Collaboration is vital when you work in a team. Interlinked tasks need good coordination between different team members for hassle-free completion.

Therefore, ensure that your project management system comes with the capability to add comments, share files, or start deliberations with your squad members. When the workflow is noticeable to everybody on a single dashboard, it enhances simplicity and works efficiency.