Best tools every online student should have

Since the pandemic, everything regarding education has changed very significantly. Initially online teaching was a forced means, as there was no other way. However, nowadays many students are opting for this means for both convenience and saving time. Online learning could prove to be very challenging if you don’t know what you are doing. Well, don’t worry, we are here to help you with that only.

Online education is, of course, taken through digital means whether it’s your smartphone, laptop, PC, or Mac. Each and every one of these platforms provides various solutions that one should use to make the most out of online learning. We’ll be now covering some of these methods, so you can get a head start in the competition. Here are the best tools every online student should be using.


Most of the work that you’d be doing in the course of your online education will include PDF in some form or the other. Whether you will be provided PDFs for various purposes or you will be submitting your assignment in PDF format, your education will revolve around this format. Although PDF format was made to keep the information reliable and safe. You sometimes need to make changes to it, which can prove difficult if you have no idea what you are doing. 

However, PDFSimpli throws all of that down the drain and provides you with the best PDF solutions that one might need. Do you want to convert PDF to Word? You got it. Want to reorder or delete unwanted content? Do it in a few single clicks. PDFSimpli is the best way to edit your pdfs and is the best PDF editor in my opinion


If you are a student, then you are of course aware of the life savior; Google. I’m pretty sure, no student can survive without Google. Well, if it is such a common option, why are we mentioning it? Well, because many people don’t take full advantage of the things that Google can do. 

It is not just a search engine which provides you with the most relevant results. However, you can use functionalities provided by Google to organize your time, store your data, convert it into languages, and much more. Apps like Google Translate, Google Drive, and Calendar can easily be installed on your smartphone. You can control your data from multiple devices by just logging into your account. Take advantage of these free services, and you will be a much better student.

Project Gutenberg

Books cost a lot, and not everyone is capable of paying a large amount for a book, which you won’t need after a semester. If that is the case for you, then you’ve got to try out project Gutenberg. It is a library that has over 60000 free ebooks for students to download in major formats like epub etc. You don’t need any registration fee or anything, just visit their site, and you can download the books that you need.


There are many other tools like this, which can make your life easy. Keep looking out for them, and you will be passing your exams with flying colors.