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Every day countless people share torrents with each other over the internet. Opponents argue for stricter implementation of copyright laws in favor of eliminating piracy.

Proponents argue that the digital era demands a new perspective on sharing – one that loosens copyright laws. As the battle of the genders, there is no end to this debate.

The way I see it, this is another tech war; and until it ends, the only sensible thing for people like us to do is to utilize a torrent VPN when uploading/downloading torrents. You can also check various sources from 1337x.

Nothing in This World is For Free!

There is no such thing as a free dinner! So if somebody tells you that they will give you access to torrents from across the world out of the goodness of their heart, something isn’t right! The third party providing the P2P sharing platform must be making a profit one way or another.

Usually it is through pilfering (and subsequent selling) of your information that these profits are made.

You need to protect your data, your identity and your privacy every time you use a torrent. A torrent VPN is essentially a normal VPN that can give you the protection of being anonymous when you engage in P2P torrent exchange. For best VPN options, visit

Don’t Get Bit When Extracting the Honey!

There is little to nothing that you cannot find on a torrent. It is a testament to the common man’s natural tendency to exchange. A good torrent website is like a beehive.

If you don’t get stung (when the torrent contents don’t match the description), you run the risk of getting your hand stuck (when the website accesses your system through the torrent client and begins to retrieve more data than you realize).

Must-Know Facts for Torrent Users

Websites providing torrents serve as an easy way to get hold of whatever you want off the internet. However, torrents are not always reliable! Allow me to present my case:

  • Free software gives every Tom, Dick, and Harry to create and download torrents with ease
  • Torrent websites’ ranking systems to classify torrent uploader’s credibility and quality of uploaded content are not only informative but also unreliable
  • Region-tailored content is available on torrents (in all languages) – Most of these alterations are made illegally.
  • Like a cult, the downloading/uploading quality of the torrent generally depends on the user’s allegiance to the torrents’ cause (i.e. data exchanging)
  • Torrent files are the most common Trojan Horse vehicles on the internet
  • All these powerful features remain in a constant state of mismanagement. There is no central body regulating authenticity, distribution or security. You are on your own when you download torrents!

If you are a frequent torrent user, make sure you get hold of the best torrent VPN before your next download/upload.

Beware of Too Many Cooks

The fact that anybody with a minor understanding of torrents can upload or download anything makes torrents all the more unreliable.

However, all of these dangers put together do not serve to lessen the value of torrents.

Torrent downloads remain consistently frequent as users use VPNs to circumvent blocks that prevent access to torrent websites.

Torrent VPNs allow unlimited data download and bandwidth, making them ideal for torrent download and upload activities.

Be Torrent Savvy through Torrent VPN Split Tunneling

Using a VPN to download through torrents can be a tricky business. For this, I recommend that you use a VPN that offers Split Tunneling. Great VPN service providers will offer Split Tunneling as a standard part of their package.

Through Split Tunneling, you can select the specific applications that you want running under the protection of the Torrent VPN, while the other programs utilize your standard internet connection.

This way you can be safe and anonymous while downloading torrents while using your actual identity for surfing and other purposes.

Sharing May Not Be Caring

Let’s face it: sharing is no longer the in-thing! Torrents were invented as a P2P tool to help internet users share data.

The absence of a policing authority allowed users to share data without consideration of copyright and piracy laws. Take The Pirate Bay for example.

Wondering where you stand?

As debates rage on to decide whether torrents should be shut down altogether or not, users like us remain in a precarious state of doubt and vulnerability.

If we want to share/exchange through torrents, we must use a torrent VPN to remain anonymous. It’s our best option in the mismanaged and dangerous world of Torrent!

Key Takeaways

  • The free P2Psharing website must be making a profit one way or another
  • TorrentVPN gives the protection of being anonymous when engaged in P2P #torrent exchange
  • Torrent files are the most common TrojanHorse vehicles on the internet
  • Most region tailored content available on torrents are made through illegal alterations