Choosing the right bulb for your crystal chandelier

Bulbs would probably seem like the most simple lighting fixtures you can easily purchase but it’s slightly trickier than that. While a bulb might be the smallest component in your lighting fixture, it unarguably is the most important as it alone adds the functionality quotient to any lighting fixture. You may have a lot of chandeliers that boast impeccable designs, but without the right bulb, your chandelier might never showcase its truest version of elegance.

You need to consider a lot of factors before purchasing the right bulbs for your chandelier and that includes the colour temperature of the bulb and the lumens it emits. The bulbs you choose will not only accentuate the ambience of your living space but also add warmth and cosiness to your indoors.

You can literally find numerous options in the market when you’re looking for a bulb. You can get incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs or LED bulbs. While most lighting fixtures are available with LED bulbs only, halogen and incandescent bulbs lend a unique look of their own too. Now, sit back and take a look at how and why choose the following bulb types.

Incandescent bulbs

The most commonly used bulbs in any household are incandescent bulbs. They are very easy to install and emit light when the wire filament inside the bulb is heated up. You may find two types of incandescent bulbs in the market that are clear type and frosted. Now, if your idea is to go for a chandelier embellished with glass or acrylic, always go for the clear ones as the frosted type may take dampen the shine of your lighting fixture. And this bulb comes with its own setbacks too, as it is the least energy-efficient out of all the alternatives in the market.

Halogen bulbs

Halogen bulbs are pretty much very similar to incandescent bulbs but are more energy-efficient and slightly more durable than the latter. A halogen bulb basically is filled with gas and that’s exactly what helps it light up. For crystal chandeliers, this is absolutely the best choice and can make your lighting fixture the highlight of your living space. Halogen bulbs can also accentuate the look of chandeliers with glass or acrylic but they just might be a tad bit too bright, but you can always choose the one based on your preference and your needs.

LED bulbs

It is safe to say that LED bulbs are enjoying their spotlight in the lighting industry. Energy-efficient, highly durable and the most eco-friendly, these bulbs have automatically become a favourite in the market. LED bulbs have the longest life compared to all the alternatives and you never have to worry about the electricity bill too. There are different types of coloured LED bulbs that are used in crystal chandeliers, modern chandeliers with metallic elements and even LED chandeliers that come with a built-in LED strip but also boasts bulb to produce sharper lighting. This bulb is the easiest one to install too.