Crawling and Early Walking – Top Tips for Parents

Human beings are different to other life forms in one special way; we spend many years under the care of our parents, much longer than any other mammal. Our journey begins with the things we are immediately surrounded by; with a very short attention span, we seem amazed at reality and what it contains. It seems like a matter of weeks before baby learns how to get around on all fours, then life begins to get much more interesting.

Develop Motor skills

The sooner you start exercising motor skills (movement), the quicker the development; the delicate feet do need some support, which can be provided by SoleSox, a leading Australian supplier of baby’s first soft shoes that are designed for essential support without losing that barefoot connection. On-tummy position is important, as this develops neck and abdominal muscles, while hip movement is critical at such an early age. Lay Junior on his back on a large mat and let him explore his body and what is can do; natural exploration leads to motor skill competency which must come before walking.

Assisted Walking

On your knees, you can support Junior at the hips, while holding his hand; in this position, he should have the confidence to try a few steps, as you are there to prevent a fall. It is important to understand that you can’t (and shouldn’t) protect them from everything; bumps, falls and grazes are part of growing up, but we can minimise risk and allow Junior to safely explore.

Dangle a carrot

This is a favourite trick to get baby’s interest and motivate them to move forward; simply put their favourite toy a few feet in front in an on-tummy position and that should be enough to initiate a crawl. Of course, choose the location carefully, an area with no sharp edges; resist the temptation to help with crawling, each baby finds its own way to move in a desired way; learning to walk is, after all, a natural process. When he can make several steps, invite him to come to your waiting hands, which is great practice and does wonders for self-confidence.

This is an exciting time for parents and before you know it, he or she will be running around and you are a proud parent who supports your child in every way.