Decor Ideas To Make Your Coffee Table Look Stylish   

Have you ever wanted the artfully arranged tablescapes in magazines to appear as good as your coffee table decor but were unsure of what to use or where to put it? Styling a coffee table doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ll quickly become an expert with a few fundamental rules about color, size, and layout. We’ll demonstrate how to create a visually striking arrangement that makes a statement while keeping daily life in mind and blending in with the rest of your space, all with a few basic items to give it that polished designer look. This collection offers ideas for year-round coffee table decor as well as seasonal variations to suit any style. 

Think odd numbers

A visually pleasing effect is produced when an odd number of objects are used, whether you’re styling a bookshelf or creating coffee table decor. In order to create an appealing yet uncluttered look, this modern coffee table works well with a variety of heights, shapes, and materials in a neutral color palette. The arrangement is completed with a tall vase with fiery red stems, a round bowl filled with decorative objects, and a stack of books. With enough room left on the table to show off its surface, create color contrast, and give the homeowner a place to set down a cup of coffee, the items make a visually appealing group of three. 

Use a tray

When creating coffee table decor, a tray can hold different items, add color and texture, and function as a decorative accent. Put a round tray on a rectangular coffee table to create a contrast in shapes. Alternately, experiment with scale by using a range of items in various sizes for a tabletop arrangement, such as a big tray, a little bowl, a medium book, and a little candle. The result is a layered design due to the variety of sizes and shapes. Alternately, use the same finish on your tray to create a cohesive design that is consistent throughout the space. Here, the coffee table, bowl, tray, vase, and lighting all feature accent metals in gold to create a cohesive look.

Stack items for varied heights

Stacking items, like the black and gold boxes in this modern living room, creates height and layers in the space. As needed, change up the height of your decor by using trays, books, magazines, and other flat surfaces. This circular coffee table, which combines glass, ceramics, metal, and resin with a restrained color scheme to create a unified aesthetic, is another example of a well-executed material mix. 

Layer books and more books

You can’t go wrong with books as coffee table decor bought from Armstrong’s furniture ! It makes sense that interior designers would frequently use them on coffee tables. Books on coffee tables can be used alone or in groups, and they help occupy space. They also create a level base for displaying objects like these ornamental blue objects and add height, shape, and color. Books are also a great way to add a subtle seasonal touch. For example, you could display flower-arranging publications in the spring or holiday publications with snowy landscapes.