Deflating 4 Common Puppy Myths With Plain Truths

Even as we think we know a lot about our dog companions, we may be lagging when it comes to popular dog myths vs. dog facts. Puppy parents may have come across several versions of a single myth from various resources. However, we are here to tell you that not all myths can be authentic and believable.

We have listed a few common myths about our canine friends and discussed their validity. For instance, “Puppies staying indoors don’t need preventive care for heartworm” is a common myth that has survived over the years. A statement like this can have a massive impact on pet parenting and a puppy’s well-being, so you need to verify its credibility with your vet.

Please seek expert advice when in doubt so you can make an informed decision, especially when it concerns your puppy’s health. Also, consider buying pet insurance NZ so you can provide your puppy with top-notch health care during unanticipated health scenarios at affordable costs. With cheap pup insurance, your fur baby can be covered for diagnosis and treatment through injuries, accidents, and pet health emergencies.

While you weigh up pet insurance policies, read this article to learn how we have busted some famous dog myths with facts.

Myth: Puppies don’t see the world in color.

Fact: Well, this statement can be partially true because puppies can see a few colors. So, they cannot be called colorblind, and they definitely don’t see in black and white. For instance, puppies can discern violet, blue, and yellow. However, they may not perceive red, orange, and green.

Myth: A puppy’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth.

Fact: Puppy parents may find it difficult to agree on this as they can have first-hand evidence to disprove the above theory. For instance, if a puppy licks poop or mud or gets its mouth on trash can contents, we can clearly say its mouth isn’t in pristine condition.

And it is precisely why you may need to focus on your pup’s oral/dental hygiene and checkups. Also, consider purchasing dental insurance for pets, so providing your pawed companion dental treatments in cases of teeth/gum infections and diseases need not be financially cumbersome.

Myth: Puppies can be sick when their noses are warm or dry.

Fact: A puppy’s nose can be warm or dry when the temperature is hot, like while playing in the sun or sitting by the fireplace. Also, it can signify less water intake or dehydration, so provide your fur baby sufficient fresh water to drink. Refill their water bowls or toss tiny ice cubes in their food dish so they can sip or lick conveniently.

Myth: A wagging tail is a happy tail

Fact: A wagging tail can speak volumes about your puppy’s mood. To decode what a wagging tail means, you must carefully observe what your puppy’s gestures and facial expressions are saying. A puppy can wag its tail to convey emotions like agitation, fear, delight, and more.

Study your puppy’s behavior to know if they are happy and healthy. Meet your vet to rule out potential health issues when you feel something is not alright with your pup. Pet insurance in NZ can cover your puppy for a range of medical conditions depending on the plan.

Your fur baby can avail of essential health coverage with cheap pup insurance. However, you can check comprehensive pet plans that offer broader medical coverage and can help you manage pet health expenses effectively.