Designer dog rain jackets and dog clothing from Australia

Just like us, our pets also need all care and protection. They need to be taken care of during extreme weather conditions to protect them from falling sick. Apart from food and water, they need appropriate clothing to adjust to changing climate conditions. They need warm clothes, beds, and boots in winter, a raincoat in the rainy season, while in summer they need harnesses and bandana that give them relief from the scorching heat. 

While ensuring your pet’s health, you may treat them with all new fancy outfits and accessories, making them feel special and comfortable. If you are a dog owner, you will find everything related to your dog wear and accessories with the Paw Co at a price that suits your budget.

Rain Jacket

Dog lovers like to have fun with their pets when it rains. But they definitely don’t like it when they enter the home with wet paws. Our rain jacket is the one-stop solution to all your pet’s problems. It provides full coverage to your pet, as such its paws do not get wet while having a walk in the rain, sleet, or snow. The sleek and stylish jacket gives a trendy look to your pet, with full protection from the rain. Our Sloane rain jackets are made with high-quality fabric that ensures complete comfort to your pet, whereas the distinctive color and unique pattern give stunning looks to your pet. 

Water Resistant Winter Jackets

The dogs with thin layers of fat and short hair need extra protection to endure the harsh cold weather. The jackets with inner cushioning keep your pup dry and warm and protect them from getting pneumonia during winters. Its water-resistant feature protects your pet from rain or dew. The well-crafted jackets by the Paw Co make your dog own the streets in style. You can choose from different designs, colors, and patterns so that your pet stays warm for a longer time in style. Our winter jackets come with an opening for a harness and leash, making it comfortable for dog owners to go for a walk.

Dog Boots

If you live in a region where snowfall is common, you need to don your pup with a boot to protect it from sharp ice particles when it becomes hard while taking a walk. You can choose a waterproof boot that not only protects your dog from sharp objects, mud, and rain but from slippery surfaces. The woolen texture inside the boot also gives warmth in snowy winters. This winter you can surprise your pet with a high-end boot made with the best material that gives stunning looks and utmost comfort. 

Summing up

While you don’t miss pampering your pet, this winter you can give an upgrade to their fashion and comfort by gifting them a stylish winter jacket, raincoat, or boots. For more modern and chic dog clothes take a visit to