Different Clock Designs Using A Laser Cutter

The method of cutting a medium with a laser beam is known as laser cutting. This may be done to reduce the size of materials or assist in cutting intricate forms that traditional drills could not handle. A laser cutter is a valuable tool for development and testing utilised by hardware manufacturers and space developers to establish quick and inexpensive products. Manufacturers and hardware experts also use them as a cloud-based invention to introduce their digital graphics into external reality.

Moreover, a laser cutter may etch or raster patterns into the material by burning the side of the material and drilling off the upper surface of the workpiece to modify the look of it in which the raster procedure was completed. In addition, the laser cutter is widely used to produce fantastic products, specifically aesthetically beautiful timepieces. Check out this blog for various clock designs made using a laser cutter.

How Does a Laser Cutter Work?

There are numerous types of a laser cutter; however, they all employ the same principle of cutting material with a laser beam. The device provides a powerful laser beam to the cutting head, which is reflected by many reflectors. The laser is also concentrated via a lens inside the cutting head, narrowing it to an incredibly concentrated beam. The beams are then thrown down towards the workpiece and utilised to chop it down.

Furthermore, the distinction among various laser cutters is determined by the type of lasers used in the devices. Since different lasers have varying power levels, the kind of laser determines the object’s thickness that it can cut through.

15 Incredible Clock Designs Using A Laser Cutter

Whereas the notion of a clock is straightforward, determining time doesn’t have to be. You may create unique clocks by combining your imagination with basic making abilities. These inspirational laser cutter crafts will quickly transform you into a horologist.

1. The Great Wave Clock

This wave clock, inspired by the legendary The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, depicts the nuances in the accuracy of a laser engraver.

2. Baltic Birch Clock

These Baltic birch wall clocks begin with a sturdy bit of wood which is then laser carved in a giraffe design or honeycomb layout, adding an organic but geometrical style to time telling.

3. Clock Time Flies

Clocks are used for more than just telling the time, as individuals nowadays like them to blend in with their interior design options. Convert the timepiece into a piece of art with two birds flying out of it.

4. Setting Sun Clock

The Setting Sun Clock is more than just a timepiece; it is also a work of art. Every item has used a laser cutter from 6-millimetre birch and hand-painted in shifting shades of yellow, orange, red, and metallic gold for a contemporary twist on marking time with a setting sun.

5. Modern Flora Clock

This Fantastic Flora Modern Wall Clock employs a geometrical design to provide a unique perspective on the physical world. The laser cutter matte black acrylic is selected for its sleek look to give it a more contemporary vibe.

6. Exposed Gear Bike Chain Clock

The Exposed Gear Bike Chain stands true to its title, featuring laser engraver gears and numbers. Each portion of the system is essential for it to function, yet the total design is more intricate than it ought to be.

7. Honeycomb Clock

The honeycomb clock is the cutest in terms of aesthetics. Based on the Voronoi diagram and a simulation modelling concept, this timekeeper doesn’t need you to be a mathematical genius to appreciate.

8. Nursery Time Clock

Woodland motifs are pretty fashionable in contemporary paediatric decorations, and this gorgeous birch wood owl clock adds a touch of fun to every space. The coloured cold mint embellishments contrasted nicely with the birch wood making the clock gender-neutral for families who want to amaze their children.

9. Bulldog Clock

This clock has used a laser engraver to draw a dog artwork that is astonishingly lifelike and long-lasting.

10. Clock Gear Art

Whereas this wooden artwork doesn’t strictly tell time, it depicts the Norse mythology of the Midgard Serpent using clock gears as the basis.

11. Redshank With Samphire Clock

The Redshank with Samphire Clock has a seaside concept, where these animals may be seen; therefore, the blue and turquoise depict that setting.

12. Play On Words Clock

Instead of using digits to indicate time, this clock writes out the minutes with the use of a laser cutter for a more long-winded approach to keeping time.

13. Industrial Metal Clock

To promote a concentration on the layout’s subtleties, this clock was used as a laser engraver with a blend of conventional, written out, and numeric keys. All the numerals have been sliced through to show the colours underneath and produce a more unified wall element.

14. Dodecagon Clock

This dodecagon clock is a 12-sided polygonal packed with repeated trapezoids and triangles for a distinctive, contemporary look.

15. Cityscapes Clock

In a town that never sleeps, this NYC clock will stay on top of the days and nights. The highways and canals from birch in the forefront are made with the laser engraver, while the land region is the glossy backdrop. Having this on your walls, you could have New York City in your thoughts even if you do not live there.


Clocks do not only tell you the time, but they also enhance the aesthetics and beauty of your walls and house. As clocks have become popularly known worldwide, many people have discovered various clock designs that will make your home or walls aesthetically pleasing to look at. Moreover, clock designs using a laser cutter and laser engraver are among the most popular methods. They incorporate beautiful patterns and themes, which is a fantastic wall design.