Do You Want to Get Your Shipment Consignments from China to Amazon FBA?

These days, most of the companies who have tied up their production with Chinese companies prefer to ship their consignment directly to Amazon instead of shipping to their own country.

This can help to get rid of many hassles of multiple shipments and also extra handling of the manufactured goods. However, before taking such a decision of sourcing from China for FBA it is very essential that the quality of the goods shipped to Amazon are in good order, otherwise, there is a risk of getting a negative product review.

Without a question, China is the global product resource hub, particularly for Amazon merchants. There are numerous marketplaces and vendors throughout the country, some of which provide assistance to English speakers while a few others demand the use of a professional translation.

Knowing which other platform houses the top manufacturers and facilitates navigating for a certain western audience can go a very long way in assisting you.

It is also worth noting that there are several sourcing hotspots outside of China. Although not as well-known as any of their Chinese counterparts, these markets can be useful for locating super-niche products.

In fact, there are two most common options available for shipping your finished goods to Amazon directly while sourcing from China for FBA from your Chinese manufacturer.

1. Shipping to Amazon FBA directly from China

We are very well aware that when you will deal with any Chinese manufacturers, for sourcing from China for FBA then communication can be one of the major issues to handle.

However, with the passage of time, many Chinese companies are trying to bridge this communication gap, but you will always need to keep your figure crossed.

Many of the Chinese suppliers these days are familiar with the specification of FBA but still, you may like to ensure that they have followed the right procedure.

However, if prefer to ship via UK or US, then you can get the chance to inspect all your products and make sure that their quality is verified and are as per the FBA specifications.

However, before you import the goods from China, you need to clarify a few questions:

  • What is the best way for me to find the perfect product?
  • What happens throughout the import process? Is it better to ship goods by sea or by air?
  • How do you get the best deal on a house?
  • How can you establish long-term supplier relationships?
  • What are the most popular Amazon items?
  • What is the best price approach for me to get the Buy box?

Pros and cons of this option


  1. Transit times are shorter. The time it takes for the merchandise to reach your warehouse has been drastically reduced. The faster your goods arrives at the warehouse, the sooner you can begin selling on Amazon.
  2. The expense of the middleman is reduced. You save money and time by not having to hire someone for inspecting your goods.


  1. Amazon demands that the products be delivered to various warehouses rather than a single site.
  2. Prior to arriving at Amazon, the duties and freight must be paid.
  3. The product must comply with Amazon’s shipment, packing, and shipping criteria and standards.

2. Shipping the products either through a middleman or your company

While sourcing from China for FBA, products will be transported straight from China to you or through a third-party broker. After that, you can send them to Amazon’s FBA facilities.

There are several such intermediaries who will gladly ship your Amazon FBA products. Pick and pack, prepare and ship and third-party logistics are some of the terms used to describe them.


  1. Consolidated shipments of products are made from China.
  2. You can inspect the product to confirm that it satisfies the quality requirements.
  3. Chinese suppliers are kept in the dark about sales efforts.
  4. FBA is unlikely to reject your shipment.


  1. It is something you will need to pay someone for doing for you. Alternatively, you might save money by doing it yourself.
  2. FBA takes longer to receive shipments.

Which route should you decide between the above two?

Now the question is when you should prefer to ship to Amazon directly and also when should you prefer to use the services of any third party?

You may prefer to take the services of any middleman while sending your shipment to Amazon FBA under the following situations:

  • It is your first cargo from a supplier, so you will be able to check it as well as have it prepped and labelled by an American company.
  • This way, if it is your first time using FBA, you will not make any mistakes that cause your shipment to be rejected and again sent back to the Chinese company.
  • Using a middleman is more cost-effective due to getting the savings of having a single aggregated shipment transported from China.

You must prefer to Ship directly to FBA from China under the following situations:

  • You are shipping a small quantity of merchandise (1 carton) with a value of less than $800.
  • For you, time is of utmost importance, and every day is going to count.
  • You have worked with your supplier for a long time (and/or employ a third-party inspection agency in China), and you have shipped products to Amazon FBA before, and it is less expensive than employing a middleman.

If you are totally new to this business of sourcing from China for FBA, we recommend having your first few items shipped straight to your house or company if at all possible. At some point, you should personally handle your merchandise.


This article should have covered the advantages and disadvantages of shipping straight from China to Amazon FBA versus employing a middleman.

What method do you use to ship your goods to Amazon FBA warehouses? How has it been for you to ship from China directly? Has everything gone quite smoothly or have there been any bumps in the road? Aside from that, this piece of writing may provide some food for your thought.