Instagram stories are a feed of photos or videos available on profile for 24 hours. Instagram stories have some of the most amazing content. Instagram provides you varied tools to make your story captivating. You could use from the varied options of stickers, AR effects and much more to optimize your stories. While so much is possible on Instagram what is not possible is downloading this amazing content or sharing it on cross-platforms with someone who does not have an Instagram account. But this is possible with Instagram story downloaders.

Instagram story downloaders are third-party applications that allow you to download any story from Instagram easily. These apps are available on Google and even on App stores for free. One such amazing and safe app, best to use to cater to this problem, is StoriesIG. StoriesIG is the best and most trusted app to download any Instagram story. Number of people trust StoriesIG for this purpose as the app easily downloads any story on Instagram and saves it to your gallery without entering any login information. The app does not save any downloaded data to its records which helps you download with utmost security.

Benefits of using StoriesIG:

  1.     watch stories anonymously: You can use StoriesIG to watch stories anonymously over the app. This helps you avoid being enlisted in the Instagram story viewer list, so you stalk your favorite person without the fear of being desperate.
  2.     access the tool at zero cost: StoriesIG is available to download and access for free on both app and website. You can download and use StoriesIG for free from play store and App Store to use on your device.
  3.     safe to use: StoriesIG does not save any information of downloads on their profiles and hence is safe to use for both the ends. This helps you stay free of any information discrepancy or skimming.
  4.     legal: StoriesIG is completely legal to use and does not violate any norms of privacy as the app only allows downloads from public profiles.

How to download stories and highlights from StoriesIG?

In order to download any story muscle growth or highlights follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and launch StoriesIG from play store or App Store for free or access the software from their website.

Step 2: Navigate to the Instagram story downloader and in the field provided simply enter the username of the person whose story you wish to view anonymously or download. You can even use Instagram to copy the username of the in case you are not sure.

Step 3: Click search. StoriesIG provides you with all the stories uploaded by that user for those 24 hours along with folders of highlights from his/her profile.

Step 4: Tap on any story or highlight you wish to view or download to play it.

Step 5: You can see a download button present over the story click on it to initiate download. StoriesIG downloads and saves the story to your gallery in original resolution and sound. This works best when you need to download a story with video.