Easily Capture All Screen Activities with iTop Screen Recorder

In recent years, the gaming and meeting app industries have seen a surge in demand for screen recorders. There are numerous free screen recorders on the market. There are some fantastic tools available to help you easily capture what’s happening on your screen.

The iTop Screen Recorder is one of the best. With this free screen recording tool, you can now record every scene of your screenplay. Video conferences, online courses, self-made tutorials, gameplay, and your favorite movie or music can all be easily recorded.

What iTop Screen Reocrder can do for you?

Flexible Screen Capture

iTop Screen Recorder has no restrictions of the region you plan to record. The entire screen will not be captured by constraint. You can start recording any area of your screen, whether it’s an entire display or a small dialog box. The most appealing feature is that it supports multiple displays. You can record every detail and remove any interference.

Facecam Recording

And yes, there is no doubt that you expect more than just a screen recorder with only one single purpose of this software. This is precisely what iTop Screen Recorder can do for you! With the Facecam function, you are able to record your face in a video that has many utilities, like online tutorials, game recording, PowerPoint presentations, etc.tinyzonetv  

No time limits

It is one of the few free recording tools on the market that allows for unlimited recording options. Many other screen recorders typically provide a 15-minute recording and require a subscription. If you record more than that for free, there is a default watermark of your video. With iTop Screen Recorder, you have the option of recording or screencasting for an extended period of time.

Multiple Output/Convert Formats

Considering the user experience from various perspectives, there are 12 output formats you can save and convert. The output files can be converted into a variety of other formats that can be played on a variety of devices, ranging from the latest iPhone to older MP4 players. It simply means that the output files from iTop Screen Recorder are compatible with other popular digital devices.

Tip: How to record Zoom meetings secretly with iTop Screen Reocrder?

To record Zoom meetings in a secret and smooth way. iTop Screen Recorder will give you a hand. This screen recorder for PC is dedicated to people who are in need of grabbing all activities on windows PCs. Every moment of online meetings, online courses, excellent gameplay, and self-made tutorials can be easily captured in HD quality.  Follow this 3-steps guide to have a try:

Step 1. Download this screen recorder from the official site and install it on your PC.

Step 2. Open and join in the meeting on Zoom. Then launch this free screen recorder to get ready. Select the region you want to record, full screen or any specific window size you can set as you need. Now, you can click REC or press F9 to start record Zoom meeting without permission. Both of voice and images will keep at the same time.

Step 3. When recording finished, all video clips will be automatically save in the My Creations selection. With the built-in rich edition tools, you can easily cut videos lenth merge serveral vide clips into one, rotate, and add background music, subbtitles, etc. 

Wrap up

Now, we can see that iTop Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder can easily capture all screen activities with only 3 steps. If you are looking for screen recording software to grab every moment on your screen for other uses, iTop Screen Recorder will be your best choice to have a try and give you a hand. Just free download it, and more amazing features are waiting for you to explore. anonig