Edin Džeko – top scorer in the English League Cup 2014

Edin Džeko is a forward who made a name for himself by playing for “Wolfsburg”. He won the Bundesliga with this team and won the scoring race of this championship. It should be noted that the livescores of this tournament are always presented on the sports statistics website.

After playing in Germany, Džeko moved to “Manchester City” in 2011. In this team, he played with varying success. Overall, his career turned out relatively well. There were also individual awards for Džeko. For example, in the 2013/2014 season he was the top scorer in the League Cup. The Bosnian forward had six accurate shots under his belt.

The forward scored in the early stages of the competition, as well as in the final game. Therefore, his merit in winning this trophy for the “Citizens” is obvious. By the way, you can watch the livescores of the “Citizens” matches on the sports statistics website. 

It cannot be said that Džeko was the leader of Manchester City’s offense in those years. However, in the League Cup he got enough playing time and could demonstrate his strong qualities. He also felt the confidence of head coach Manuel Pellegrini, which allowed him to gain confidence. That’s a very important quality for a scorer. 

The forward’s main game trump cards

Džeko has always been a hard-working player. This is why his coach valued him. The forward regularly gave his best in every game, which allowed him to increase the number of goals scored. By the way, the soccer live scores of “Manchester City” matches are still easy to watch on the proven platform. 

Returning to Džeko’s achievement, it is important to note that it was made possible by:

    1. The ability to play perfectly on the “second floor.” This is not surprising, given the forward’s tall stature. During that League Cup run, the Bosnian repeatedly shut down his teammates’ passes, converting them into accurate shots.
    2. Efficiency. Many of his goals came at the end of games when his opponents were already tired. In contrast, Džeko had plenty of energy. 
    3. A good body game. Thanks to this, the striker could squeeze through almost any defender, sneak the ball and get into the optimum position for the shot.

In the 2013/2014 season, the League Cup was almost the main tournament in which the Bosnian regularly appeared on the field. However, it should not be forgotten that he won the English league with the “Citizens” in the same campaign.

By the way, it’s easy to follow the English championship on the sports statistics website. Here live scores of all soccer confrontations with the team are covered in maximum detail. 

As for Džeko, after that season he spent another year in the camp of the “Citizens”, and then left the team, moving to “Roma”. In Italy, the player proved once again that he is still a top scorer.