Electro smog and Its Psychophysical Results According to Internet Report

The concept of electro smog can be met more and more frequently. The concept a colloquial form that came into being as a result of some scientific speculations about smog which is connected with emission of invisible electromagnetic radiation into environment. From time to time, we are witnesses of the latest experiments which should show us psychosocial harmfulness of this phenomenon. Therefore, there is the increase of anxiety in society connected with mobile devices which cause side effects of human brain that is exposed to the radiation appearing close to it.

Nowadays, electric energy is an inseparable part of human life. Short-term blackout is enough to cause anxiety, feeling of helplessness, chaos or even panic in human life. Wherever there is electricity, there is also electric field. Everyday every person uses objects which more or less emits it. Even when we are young we “make friends” with these devices. These are mobile phones, televisions, computers, or microwaves, fridges and much more.

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We meet some publications for a few years, especially on the Internet, which accept the negative influence of the devices on people’s everyday life. Authors of the publications also stress in dismay that even 60% people are not aware of the existence of electrosmog and additionally, its negative influence on every day1.

Lastly comment

Descriptions of these experiments awake curiosity but they also worry. Is it true that the harmfulness of the phenomena is as huge as the press, radio, television or lately most of all Internet report? Does the content of the report always have features of academic science based on authentic investigations?

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