Everlasting Comfort Bath Cushion: a Bathroom Must-Have

After a long day at work, there is nothing better than coming home to your favorite self-care routines. Self-care is one of the most important personal disciplines that a person can work on and it takes time to find out what kind of self-care works best for you. The best way to think about self-care is as a journey. It’s something that you are never too old to begin, and it will look unique for each person individually. Not only that, but it’s something that you will continually learn how to do.

As you grow you may find that your self-care routines change, or grow with you. For the person who loves to take a bath as part of their self-care routine, checking out the Everlasting Comfort bath cushion is a must. If you have been curious about how you can upgrade your self-care time in the bathtub, then this cushion is for you. Here is everything you need to know about the Everlasting Comfort bath cushion, and how it can help improve your favorite bath routines.

What Is a Bath Cushion?

If you have never heard of a bath cushion, then it might be confusing to think of placing some kind of pillow in your tub. As odd as it may sound, a bath cushion is just that, a cushion that goes inside your bathtub and makes your experience that much more comfortable. The trick here is that the cushion is specifically designed to go into your bathtub.

This means that it isn’t a regular pillow that could get waterlogged and bogged down, or uncomfortable. Instead, it’s made from high-quality memory foam and has a lining that is designed to interact with water.

Where Does the Cushion Go?

A bath is an incredible way to unwind and relax after a long day. Being able to unwind in a bath of warm water with your favorite bubbles, or essential oils really does have a way of helping you feel grounded and relaxed. Often times it can be a little challenging to find a comfortable way of leaning back in a bathtub. This is where the cushion comes into play.

Utilizing powerful suction cups that maintain their suction and seal even when exposed to water, you can place the cushion wherever you need the support. The cushion itself uses an ergonomic design that is specifically meant to support your upper back, shoulders, and neck. So fixing the pillow near the top of your bathtub walls allows you the most benefit. Being able to lean back on a soft cushion as opposed to a cold bathtub wall can completely transform your bath experience and make it even more enjoyable, relaxing and restful than before.

Extra Storage Pockets

Not a fan of lining the edges of your tub with clutter? The Everlasting Comfort bath cushion has two deep pockets on either side of the pillow so you don’t have to worry about this. These pockets work great for storing your favorite bubbles, oils, or body wash.

What About Keeping It Clean?

While a bath cushion is something that can elevate the comfort of your bathtub experience, it won’t mean much if you can’t keep it clean. Baths are an incredible way to relax and unwind, but they are also a way to maintain your hygiene. This means that while you’ll feel relaxed in a tub, you’ll also be getting rid of all the sweat and grime of your day. The last thing you need is a cushion that collects a lot of bacteria and becomes gross after a couple of uses.

The Everlasting Comfort design for its bath cushion is not only breathable and water friendly but also washing machine safe. This means that cleaning your pillow simply looks like taking off the water-friendly cover and throwing it in the laundry. This is an incredibly easy way to keep your bath cushion clean after every use with little to no hassle.

Not only is it incredibly easy to keep clean, but it also comes with a built-in hook that makes it easy to hang up for a quick dry.

A Self-Care Item You Have to Experience

The Everlasting Comfort bath cushion is a bathtub must-have that will have you wondering how you ever took a relaxing bath without it. Because of its ergonomic design, it will help to relieve pressure and tension that builds up through the day. This is important because self-care has a lot of benefits that can impact your health.

Self-care is a powerful tool to help you handle stress and naturally, safely elevate your mood in meaningful ways. If enjoying a relaxing bath has been part of your self-care routine, then you have to add this cushion into the mix. Investing in the Everlasting Comfort bathtub cushion is something you simply will not regret doing.