Everything You Must Know About Victorian Fashion

The clothes that the Victorian era christened into the fashion industry carry great importance even today. It was a period in history when fashion was a sign of class status and elegance. It symbolised royalty. However, even the poor man’s clothes are heralded as stunning today.

Men used to wear complex suits that were tailor-made to outline their figure. These suits were paired with a variety of accessories and additional clothing. On the other hand, for women, dress defined their very livelihood. From corsets to ball gowns, women had a myriad of options to choose from!

Many of these clothes have been repurposed to match today’s fashion. Due to such improvements, the Australian apparel retail industry has been booming. Especially with the lockdown, people have started shopping online in the comfort of their homes! As a result, the fashion industry has an exponential growth rate. The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that the market will grow from $31 billion in 2021!

What was Victorian fashion like?

During the Victorian era, fashion was first burgeoning as a field of work. Previously, people were occupied mainly as farmers. But with incoming wealth, expensive clothing started dominating the market.

Like how today’s clothes symbolise power and a symbol of class, then too, clothes served the same purpose. But, for the first time, people started arranging events where clothing was a different criterion.

Earlier, men used to wear suits with bowties, cummerbunds and pocket scarves. This was a necessary combination. These suits were made with heavy corduroy and often contained many layers. Today, they are repurposed as more straightforward blended suits that are lightweight and easier to wear.

On the other hand, women’s wear were the clothes that went through the most changes and upgrades. Back then, women were cherished for being frail and petite, so the clothes designed for them were made to hug their torso and flair gradually along the legs. These were primarily frocks and gowns cinched with belts and corsets.

How are these improved today?

The fashion retail industry is one of Australia’s most lucrative markets! This is because not only do Aussies have a variety of styles–beach shorts to floral shirts; but they borrow inspiration from history as well. Here’s a list of clothes that Aussies love:

  • Suits: Victorian suits are bygones. But they have left behind better models of suits that fit all types of environments. Classic work suits come in two to five pieced sets in solid colours. These are often made of rich nylon blends to retain the shine. Multicoloured blazers are in vogue today. These blazers can be styled in multiple ways: brunch in the outbacks or a run downtown for morning coffee.
  • Corset: These have been replicated in the lingerie section. Earlier, corsets used to be tight and squeeze in on the waist. Today, corsets describe more comfortable-to-wear innerwear that utilise the design of the Victorian corsets but are much more breathable in make and fabric.
  • Ball Gowns: The signature part of any ball gown is the bell-looking skirt that adds elegance to the wearer. Although ball gowns that extensively used today, dress with a bit of lift are made for weddings and parties. These utilise crinolines to make the skirt look puffy and give the same look and effect as a Victorian ball gown!