Everything you need to know about WIGS and HAIRPIECES

Hair loss due to cancer treatment is almost always temporary. After the treatment, your hair will grow again. On this page, you will find tips to prepare for hair loss, take care of your scalp, and choose a wig and use scarves and hats.

Tips about wigs and hairpieces

Choosing a wig or hairpiece

If you are thinking of the afro kinky hairline wig, also called a hairpiece, it is best to order it as soon as possible. Do not wait until your hair has fallen out, but go and have a look. It is best if the hair work specialist can still see your own hairstyle and hair color. Bring someone you know well and who knows which style is important to you. Inquire at the hospital for a good hair work specialist in your area and make an appointment. If you are unable to go to the hair work specialist, ask if he/she would like to come to your home.

The right model

Try on as many wigs as possible such as Skunk stripe wig and choose a model that you feel comfortable with. That could be a model that looks very different from what you are used to! Short models are generally more practical. They are lighter in weight, less warm, and easier to keep in shape.

When do you decide?

You really don’t have to decide on your first appointment. Think about it calmly. Once you have made a choice, ask if the wig can be reserved for you until you want to wear it. If you do not need the wig, you have no further obligations.

What does a wig cost?

The price of a wig depends on the quality. Human hair wigs are more expensive and require more (expensive) care than synthetic wigs. Ask your hair work specialist or health insurance about the possibilities for reimbursement.

Care of your wig

Human hair wigs should always be blow-dried and water-waved. You can wash a synthetic wig yourself, let it dry on the stand, brush it, and use it again. Your wig will wear out faster if you sleep with it anxnr .

Securing your wig

If not all of your hair has fallen out, you can secure the wig with pins or a comb. If you have run out of hair, secure the wig with special double-sided adhesive tape. Ask your hair work specialist to practice this together.

When you get her back

You can keep wearing your wig when your hair starts to grow again. The scalp will get warmer, but your wig will not ventilate and choke your new hair.

Here are some basic questions regarding the types of wigs that are common amongst people:

  • What types of hair

    work (wigs) are there?

We distinguish between real hair work and synthetic hair work. As the name says, real hair work is made of real hair. We distinguish hairpiece that is made of Asian hair and hairpiece that is made of European hair (Follea). Synthetic hair is made of plastic but is almost indistinguishable from real hair.

  • What is the advantage of a synthetic hairpiece?

Synthetic hair work is easy to maintain and model-stable.

  • What is the disadvantage of a synthetic hairpiece (wigs)?

Synthetic hair work is not deformable. So you cannot wear it in different models. Moreover, it cannot be colored.

  • What is the advantage of a real hairpiece (wigs)?

You can model real hair work yourself and the hair work is hair work can be colored.

  • What is the disadvantage of a real hairpiece (wigs)?

A hairpiece of real hair needs to be modeled.

  • What is the difference between Asian hair and European hair?

Asian hair is less supple, European hair (from Follea) falls as we are used to.

  • How are the color of my own hair and that of the hairpiece matched?

Our employees are very experienced in ‘matching’ your own hair color with the color of your hairpiece. To get as close as possible to the color of your own hair, they use hair samples.

  • Can you color all hairpieces (wigs)?

No, only real hair can be colored.

  • Is real hair more expensive than synthetic hair?

Yes, the cost of a hairpiece with real hair is higher than that of synthetic hair.

  • Is European hair (Follea) more expensive than Asian hair?

Yes, the cost of a hairpiece with European hair is higher than for real Asian hair. Our employees will be happy to explain the cost differences.

  • Is synthetic hair warmer on the head than real hair (wig)?

No, the amount of hair on a synthetic hairpiece is less than on real hair.

  • Can I also have a partial hairpiece measured?

Yes. In many cases, it is not necessary to measure an entire hairpiece, but a partial hairpiece is sufficient that matches your own hair color and hairstyle exactly in terms of color, structure, hair length, thickness, etc.