Facing Problems with Blurry Videos? Here’s the Solution!


Once you gain perspective, technology can be a bit tricky. Since its inception, technology has caused anxiety among those who don’t know how to utilize it. As tech-science developed and technology became a lot smarter, it pushed human intervention out of the loop, causing today’s variant of tech anxiety. Our goal in this article will be to show you how to regain control by taking action. We will discuss how to make a blurry video clear using data recovery software. And while talking about how to make video clearer, we will reserve a special place for Wondershare Recoverit while referring to another awesome tool called Repairit.

What Makes Your Videos Blurry?

It is always good to know what makes those videos blurry before enquiring about how to make a video less blurry. Although data recovery technologies come to your rescue relieving you of the burden of reshooting the video, you must know the primary reason behind the problem so you can avoid them.

The reasons are manifold and include problems with low resolution, faults in encoding, improper lighting, and loss of stability. If the device used to shoot the video was low-res, most chances are that the video would be blurry and pixelated. Just as improper lighting or too much motion while shooting are common causes, different encoding also contributes to the problem. Encoding refers to the process where video codec software compresses and decompresses video files. The problem occurs when the decoder used to play the video fails to decode the file successfully. This is when you get imprecise videos playing on your screen.

Let’s now consider some commonly available ways to fix blurry videos.

Common Ways to Fix Blurry Videos

It logically follows from the above discussion that some of the common ways to fix blurry videos involve being mindful of these common causes. To begin with, one must always use high-resolution cameras to shoot videos as they ensure the videos are correctly pixelated. You must also avoid low-light shooting even if your device supports low-light photography technology. Even though the latter is available at lower prices nowadays, their performance can still disappoint you sometimes. That’s why it is pertinent that you form an idea about lighting conditions as soon as possible.

In the same breath, one must note that the video stabilizing feature is also widely available nowadays and comes with mid-range cameras too. Smartphones pack the technology in mid-range devices using which photographers can ensure superior stabilization. While shooting motion pictures, be extra careful if you don’t have one. And as far as a blur due to encoding is concerned, make sure you use video players that support all the popularly-used codecs. This way you will be able to play videos in their original quality no matter what codec they use.

How to Fix Blurry Videos with Recoverit?

Wondershare Recoverit can be your one-stop solution to clear up videos when you need to fix them. If you want to have a plan B, Repairit is your best bet too. Honestly speaking, no matter how careful you remain while shooting your video, as I said in the introduction, technology can still fool you. A momentary loss of focus can cause many headaches. This, along with the problem of fixing videos that are already blurry or corrupted, makes it imperative to rely on software tools like Recoverit and Repairit. Using Recoverit’s Corrupted Video Repair feature, you can restore videos no matter the size or nature of the complication:

  • After launching the software, choose the ‘Corrupted Video Repair’ feature from the left side. Click on the ‘Add Video’ button and add the corrupted files.

  • Once added, the tool will automatically start fixing it. Wait a while as you monitor the progress. Once done, click the ‘Preview’ button to preview the output. If satisfied, you can save the video. Otherwise, run the ‘Advanced Repair’ tool which will require you to add a sample video of the same format and shoot on the same device. Once that’s added, press the ‘Repair’ button.

  • After completion, a preview window will again appear to let you test if the repaired video meets your expectations. If it does, click on the ‘Save’ button.

Closing Words

If you spend some time on the internet, you will notice truckloads of video repair software. Wondershare products like Recoverit and Repairit stand apart though from the rest on multiple counts. Recoverit is an all-in-one software tool that supports more than 1000 types of file formats. Quality-wise too, it supports HD, UHD, 4K, and 8K videos even, no matter what their size. All that notwithstanding, the software is still pretty simple to use, just as Repairit. Support for all imaginable devices, Wondershare Recoverit keeps rolling out regular updates to introduce more and more mind-blowing features. Available for both Windows and Mac, this affordable recovery tool shouldn’t escape your consideration.