Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Welding Machine

Welding is the most common method used in joining and repair of anywhere metals are involved; this, therefore, has increased the demand for welding machines in Kenya. Over the years Ingco brand has been the largest supplier for the different types of welding machines in Kenya.

Due to the large number of welding machines in the Kenyan market, one must be informed of the features. This is because purchasing a welding machine is an investment therefore the welding machine one chooses should offer great value for their money and also serve the as required.


A good welding machine should be light in weight and also have features such as wheels and handles to aid in portability. This is because during welding one may be required to move the machine to different locations where welding is required. To dingo hire melbourne you can level soil easily which is the best advantage.

Inverter technology vs. Transformers

Transformer welding machines are widely known due to their longevity. Recently the bulky transformers have been replaced by modern inverter technologies which are more compact and light in weight.


This is the main feature one should be keen on. A versatile welding machine usually comes with a potentiometer that allows one to change the setting depending on the type of welding.

Welding process commonly exposed to

Different welding machines are used for different welding processes. They include; TIG, MIG, and stick welding which is commonly known as welder arc. One should therefore be keen on the welding process they are commonly exposed to.

Price of the welding machine

Different welding machines have different prices. According to recent research, Ingco welding machine price in Kenya is the most favorable as the machine offer great value for money due to the numerous features and compatibility with different welding processes.

Duty cycle

This is the length of time the welding machine can continuously operate without stopping for it to cool. Welding machines with a high duty cycle means that they can work for long without stopping for cooling this, therefore, enhances faster completion of the work.

Durability and designs

Different welding machines have different designs most people tend to prefer compact designs since they are easily portable. The machine should also be durable. Ingco welding machines have been made of a strong exterior thus making them durable.

Compressed gas requirements

Different compressed gases are used for different welding processes. The most common gases are; oxygen, argon, and carbon(iv)oxide.

Nature of the metal

Different metals have different abilities to handle, therefore, determining the type of welding machine to use. The commonly welded metals are carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum.

The thickness of the metal

This usually determines the current to be used during welding. Thin metals require a more sensitive welding machine than thicker metals which can handle more heat.


Since there are many different welding machines it is necessary for one to keenly access the features of the welding machines and compare to their needs. If the welding machines offer great value for their money and has all the features they are looking for they can then go forward and purchase the welding machine.

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