Fight Strategies an Interview with Trainer Khuu Pit

Khuu Pit: You have to keep your opponent at bay with a lot of punches and front push kicks to the stomach and legs. You also have to deliver powerful round kicks so that your opponent isn’t able to use knee kicks. It’s important to stay calm and to concentrate on the gut. A clincher will become more and more careless while pushing forward to apply a grip. You have to wait for the right moment to deliver an uppercut elbow to the chin, which will often result in a knockout.

What strategy do you recommend against a distance fighter?

Against a distance, you have to bridge the distance while not getting careless. Kicks have to be blocked from a stable stance before you follow up with powerful punches, kicks, and knees. Once you’re close to your opponent, you mustn’t let go, and follow if the opponent attempts to dodge.

What strategy do you recommend against a tricky or unfair opponent?

It’s important to stay calm. Don’t get rattled or let your opponent’s conduct impress you. Above all, act full of condense, stick to your own style, and don’t be swayed by any provocation. The spectators and the referee will comment and react to your opponent’s style. Even if you get spit at, don’t let yourself be provoked. You have to impress the audience with the consistent assertion of your own fight style.

What strategy do you recommend against a fast and aggressively approaching opponent?

The most important thing in this case is very secure protection and defense. Pay particular attention to your guard. An opponent who approaches aggressively will become slower and less powerful during the course of the. If your opponent’s pressure subsides in the third round, for example, you can become more active and take command of the fight.

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Lastly comment

I make sure that my frequently change their stance in training. That way they have no changing their stance or a southpaw. Athletes have to be able to change their stance to be more variable and to surprise the opponent.

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