Find Out What To Look For in the Best Wood Pellets

If you have a pellet grill in your yard, it is vital to keep it serviced. One way you can do so is by getting the best wood pellets available. Wood pellets are ideal for pellet grills and will help them function more efficiently.

But, how can you get the best wood pellets? There are several things you should consider when looking for wood pellets. Knowing some of the qualities and characteristics of ideal wood pellets will go a long way in helping you choose the best one.

Selecting the Best Wood Pellets for Sale Near Me

Given their high demand, there are many wood pellets options on the market. As much as there is a wide variety to choose from, not all products are made equally. This means you will get high-quality and below-average wood pellets. You are responsible for ensuring that you get the best wood pellets for sale near me. You can see more types and designs of wood pellets and find out their cost. 

Keep in mind that different types of wood pellets have other qualities. For instance, premium wood pellets are made from natural, food-grade hardwood, making them perfect for your pellet stove or grill. They are produced without bark, fillers, or binding agents that might affect the functioning of your stove. Besides, they provide a healthy and clean fuel source that lasts longer even if there is smoke. They also have highly consistent temperatures and favorable units that ensure their stability. 

Qualities of Good Wood Pellets

You should consider several other qualities when looking for wood pellets for sale near me. Here are some of the characteristics of the best wood pellets.

  • Heat Output: Good wood pellets have reliable heat output. Keep in mind that heat is measured in BTUs. Therefore, you should go for wood pellets with higher BTU ratings. Higher ratings mean that they have a reliable heat output. It is recommended that you choose wood pellets with BTUs ranging from 8,000 to 8,500. 
  • Low Moisture Content: Good wood pellets have very low moisture content. Therefore, when looking for wood pellets for sale near me, you should go for those with very low moisture content. This is essential because low moisture makes wood pellets easy to light. You won’t spend a lot of time trying to light them up. Experts recommend that you get wood pellets with a moisture content of less than 6.5%. 
  • Low Ash Content: Ash content is another crucial factor to consider when shopping for wood pellets. It is recommended that you get wood pellets with low ash content. This refers to the amount of ash created in relation to the size of wood burned. You shouldn’t use wood pellets that produce a lot of ash because they might affect the functioning of your stove. Therefore, you should go for wood pellets labeled “low ash content.” Preferably, you should get wood pellets with less than 0.6% ash content. Less ash also ensures the cleanliness of your home and stove.

Other Factors To Consider

Apart from keeping your house warm, you can use your pellet stove or grill for several other purposes. For instance, wood pellets can be used for smoking. Wood pellets are reliable for smoking because they tend to produce intense smoke that adds flavor to your favorite foods. You should use wood pellets on your pellet grill, especially when looking to heat some food.

Here are other factors you should consider when looking for wood pellets.

Diameter, Length, and Bulk Density

Diameter and length are simple parameters you should consider. However, bulk density might be a bit challenging, especially for those not used to shopping for wood pellets. Bulk density refers to the measurement of the weight of the pellet per total volume of the pellets (kg/m³). Going for pellets with a consistent diameter, length, and bulk density is vital. These measurements show that the wood pellets for sale near me can be used for smoking and a wide range of other purposes. 

Keep in mind that most wood pellet stoves use pellets with standard energetic density. This is the same as energy content per unit of volume. You shouldn’t use the wrong size of wood pellets if you want to achieve the best results. This is because the wrong size of wood pellets will interfere with the energetic density. When there is excessive energetic density, the energy input in the pellet stove will be too high. This is dangerous because it might result in the overheating of the combustion chamber. 

High temperatures might not be ideal, especially when you are cooking something on your pellet stove. On the other hand, insufficient energy density affects the efficiency of your pellet stove and might make it unable to function properly. This is why you should go for wood pellets with the right length, diameter, and bulk density. 

The Wood Pellets Mechanical Durability

You should also consider the mechanical durability of wood pellets for sale near me before choosing them. This is a crucial parameter that reflects pellet resistance to chocks. When wood pellets have high mechanical durability, it means they are less prone to crumbling and breakdown. It is recommended that you get wood pellets with high mechanical durability because they won’t break down easily. 

This is ideal, especially if you are transporting them over a long distance. Besides, high mechanical durability means they produce less dust. You won’t have to deal with a lot of dirt after working your pellet stove. Even though it is not mandatory, you should also consider the amount of heat the wood pellets production. Avoid wood pellets with minimal heat levels because they might not work in large homes. Besides, you should consider the purpose of wood pellets when choosing.

Get Wood Pellets For Sale Near Me

When shopping for wood pellets, ensure you get the best ones. Reliable wood pellets will go a long way in ensuring efficient grill functioning.