Four Fantastic Luxury Additions to Your Lifestyle

Whenever you come into a little more money, be that through inheritance, a windfall, an investment coming good, or simply a pay packet increase, you think about what you’ll spend that extra cash on. Some choose simply to save, but most would be tempted to use that cash to invest in a luxury item that’ll complement their lifestyle. As such, this guide is aimed at those with a little disposable income to spend on something new – something that’ll help them live a more exciting and vibrant life.


Owning a boat is one of the most universal status symbols in the world. But that’s not to say that you should buy a boat for the status alone. Even smaller cruisers – the kind that you see plying through river channels and the lakers in your region – can make for the most luxury additions to your lifestyle. Boat parties and weekends on the water become an option, as do water sports like fishing and waterskiing. And you’ll be able to store your new boat via, so that when you’re not using it, it’s safe in a boat park for you to collect on your next boating trip with friends.


There are various sizes and shapes of campervans, from the small and intimate versions that’ll just about fit you and your partner, to the huge juggernauts that you see heading along highways on huge interstate trips. You can choose which you’d prefer to buy – but the key here is the sense of freedom they bring you. Being able to take to the road and drive, sleeping en route in your vehicle, is one of the oldest romantic notions in the US. So, getting a camper will help you realize this romantic dream – even working remotely while on the road.

Wood Oven

If you’re a fan of Italian food, there’s something to be said for installing a wood oven in your back garden. These don’t cost as much as a boat or a camper, so you’ll not need to shell out a great deal of cash in order to have a dome-like oven placed in your backyard, where you can host pizza parties all through the year. This is something that complements those who already host plenty of parties in their home – and also those who love the taste of food cooked in a wood-burning oven.

Entertainment Systems

Finally, if you’re a film buff, a TV binger, or a music lover, you’ll be in the market for a better way to experience media. And there are always upgrades that you can make in this department, given that there’s emerging technology being created all the time to make our watching and listening pleasures that bit more acute. So, whether you decide to invest in the best-quality speakers on the market, or you’re looking to convert your basement into a cinema room, this option is for those who love to experience media in its highest fidelity and definition.

Make one or more of these purchases to derive great luxury and enjoyment from your extra cash.