Great Fantasy Reading Novels

Once in a while, your real-world can get a bit too much. But, everyone needs a bit of magic in their life, and what better way to achieve this than fantasy reading. Reading a fantasy novel takes you to another world of magic. You can remove yourself from the real world, and it gives you hope that there is a world of perfection even if we make mistakes. So, if you want to transport yourself to another realm, we have just what you need to read. For example, when you read Greek mythology books like the song of achilles, you will be in a different world.

First Series: Read The Jack Reacher Books in Order

The fantastic thing is that reading the Jack Reacher Books in order is easy as each book is a standalone story. But, shoe, is that not a relief as you are not left with a challenge to decide which book to pick up first. Instead, you get the freedom to enjoy the books in any order.

But who is Jack Reacher? He is a fictional character created by British author Lee Child. The former major from the United States Military Police Corps provides you with suspense. Follow his travels across the USA to help people in need and face suspense moments to solve mysteries.

While you can go online to see the two films made about Jack Reacher, there was never a third film made. But the films do not do justice to the books that provide you with more suspense. As you can read them in any order, there are 35 fantasy novels available, and all of them are great to read.

Each book provides gripping suspense to capture your mind from the first to the last page. One thing is for sure Reacher is a fascinating character, and it does not matter in what order you read them.

Second Series: The Witcher Books in Order

Okay, you heard about the Witcher Game. But did you know it all started with the novels. Reading the Witcher Books in Order is much better, and you need to read them to find out if they are the same as the game. The series comprises six fantasy books with 15 short stories written by author Andrzej Sapkowski.

So forget about Netflix, the games and get your hands on these books. As you start reading the first book, you travel into the world of Geralt of Riva a Witcher who is a beast hunter with supernatural abilities from a young age. Journeying through the saga the focus is on Geralt and Ciri, a princess who is a pawn of politics linked by destiny to Geralt.

She becomes a Witcher in training, and Geralt needs to protect her from all the events taking place throughout her life. So, to enjoy the books, the best is to read them in the Polish publication date order. Then, explore the travels as Geralt protects the prophesied child (Ciri) who can save them, and he needs to keep her protected.

Ciri is running, and Geralt is looking for her will he find and save her? Well, you will need to read the books to find out for yourself. One thing is for sure it is a magical journey well worth traveling. On the other hand, if you do play the game these books will enhance your gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, if you love fantasy, both these novels are a great place to start living your fantasy world of magic, elves, and destinies. So, enjoy these books if you are a character driven reader. We hope you find them interesting but let us not keep you too long, as we know you want to get started.