Hottest Rap Artists to Watch in 2016

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Westside Gunn’s FLYGOD remix is the best song of the year. It’s a spiritual successor to Wayne’s “I Feel Like Dying.” Quavo’s hook is about feeling like an invincible hero after experimentation. Young Thug’s verse is the most memorable of the year, as is Offset’s pleading for those who regularly abuse drugs. These are the artists to watch in 2016.

Westside Gunn’s “FlyGod” was an unqualified hit, but the Buffalo rapper’s “Cocoon” remix is a spiritual successor. The hook by Quavo, a spoken word student, is about feeling invincible after experimenting with a new drug, and Young Thug’s verse by Offset is one of the best of 2016. The chorus by Offset is a pleading cry for people who have been consuming a drug or two every day.

Shy Glizzy has the potential to be a national superstar. His debut record, “Post-Positive,” is a masterpiece of production. The album is a master class in sound and production, with soaring ambient stretches and excellent elastic tempos. Despite his age, he’s a youngster, so he will be the hottest rapper in 2016. So, what can you expect from these rap artists in 2016?

French Montana’s new album “Cocaine Parties in L.A.” is a fantastic remake of P.O.S. ‘s classic, and his son’s bars are brilliant. His debut single, “No Hard Feelings,” features Jeremih, and is hilarious. It’s the perfect pop hit for the year. This album may just become a cult classic, so be sure to check it out.

Boosie is the closest analogue of 2Pac to come out of prison this year. Since coming home, the rapper has released five solo records and a collaborative album with his longtime friend C-Murder. He’s the closest analogue to 2Pac to rap, but his style is unlike anyone else’s. His Big Bossin Vol. 1 is designed for swagger pop and pirate-y yachts.