How does a cervical traction device help with neck pain?

We’ve all experienced neck pain, whether from an injury or being hunched over for too long. The pain is sharp and intense for many people and can make it hard to function normally. It also can be a symptom of a more severe issue like arthritis. While there are many ways to treat neck pain, a cervical traction device is one of the most common.

How Does A Traction Device Work?

When you have neck pain, your body will tense up to protect itself from further injury. This can cause muscle spasms and stiffness around your spine, making your pain worse. A cervical traction device gently stretches out these tight muscles, helping to relieve some of this tension. It helps reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. In addition, gentle stretching helps restore normal spinal alignment, which is often thrown out of whack with poor posture, stress, and other factors.

How to Apply Cervical Traction Device?

A physical therapist or chiropractor applies cervical traction or can do it at home using special equipment you can buy online or in stores. The patient will lie face up on a treatment table, and the practitioner will apply padding to the forehead to prevent chafing. The practitioner then attaches one end of the cervical traction device to the base of the patient’s neck and the other end to a weight or pulley system. The amount of weight varies based on how much traction each patient needs. When the patient is ready, they can pull on a lever to gradually add weight and create tension in the cervical spine.

The Benefits of Cervical Traction

1. Increased Mobility and Flexibility.

When you have pain in your neck, it’s natural to feel hesitant about stretching or moving it. This can lead to stiffness and tension in your muscles, resulting in even more pain when you finally move your head or neck! Cervical traction helps relax your muscles so that you aren’t as stiff and tense when you move.

2. Reduced Pain and Stiffness

Reduced neck discomfort and stiffness are one of the most evident effects of cervical traction. Traction helps relieve pressure on the spine to relax, which reduces inflammation. This decreases muscle tension that can cause headaches and migraines.

3. Improved Circulation

Traction also increases blood flow in your neck, shoulders, and arms by helping your muscles relax. Increased circulation brings oxygen to nerve cells while flushing away toxins responsible for stiffness and pain.

4. Spine Integration

Cervical traction improves integration between your vertebrae, working together more efficiently when you move your neck or upper back region. When you swivel your head in any direction or bend over at the waist, you’ll feel more at ease.


The basic idea behind a cervical traction device is that it gently stretches the ligaments and tissue in your neck. Besides improving posture, strengthening muscles, and relieving chronic pain occurring in the neck, cervical traction may improve mobility. It’s a natural, holistic way that doesn’t require you to take drugs or put yourself through surgery.