How to Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Sydney Apartment

Fireplaces are not only for houses but can suit your Sydney apartment perfectly. Fireplaces can change the atmosphere and ambience in your home, making it warm and charming. Fireplaces are much appreciated during the cold nights as you can chill next to them, watching the flames and feeling the heat infusing your apartment and your body. You will enjoy every fire you make, but you must choose the right fireplace for your Sydney apartment. Many factors should be considered, such as your space, budget, fuel type, and aesthetic preferences. The following post will tell you everything you need to know to choose a suitable fireplace for your Sydney apartment. 

Choose the right spot in your apartment. 

You live in a flat in Sydney and surely want to optimise the space so you do not lose freedom of movement. You would like to orient your choice to a smaller, more compact fireplace that will fit a smaller space. Get advice from your fireplace seller to get a fireplace that will not clutter your apartment but still be able to provide enough heat for your surface. 

Fuel options 

You may have an idea of a fireplace with wood as it represents the most traditional way to use it. You have different fuel options in the fireplace market, such as gas and ethanol. They all offer pros and cons that we are going to describe here: 

  • Wood offers a traditional ambience, crackling sounds, and fantastic scenery. It is also cheaper. However, wood requires regular maintenance and ample ventilation, which doesn’t make it convenient for the apartment. 
  • Gas: This fuel represents the most convenient option when living in urban settings like Sydney. It is eco-friendly, as the combustion is clean. It doesn’t have the smell, sound, or visual aspect, but many gas fireplaces offer great designs with realistic screens. 
  • Ethanol produces environmentally friendly flames without venting. These advantages make it suitable for apartments, but its installation options are limited. 
  • Electric fireplaces are easy to install and safe to use. They do not produce much heat but provide an atmosphere and can increase your electricity bills. 

Enhance your apartment design. 

Getting a fireplace that will enhance your design by complementing it is primordial. Your fireplace must fit in your flat and harmoniously blend with the existing decoration. Consider your different options, keeping this criterion in mind. You may orient your choice to a sleek and modern design or a contemporary burner or stay with a traditional rustic style. It all depends on your taste and your home’s style. 

Set a budget 

Setting a budget is a must to get the best fireplace for your apartment, as it will eliminate options and help you make your choice. You must include installation and maintenance costs and fuel consumption to ensure you have the best experience possible. Compare prices from different providers and choose the options that fit your budget without skimping on quality. 

Maintenance needs 

A fireplace requires accurate maintenance to enhance its functioning and ensure its safety. The type of fireplace will determine the amount of work needed to maintain it properly. Wood fireplaces are more needy as you need to clean the ashes regularly, inspect the chimneys, and sweep. Gas fireplaces only require annual servicing, while electric and ethanol fireplaces have minimum maintenance tasks. 


Having a fireplace in your Sydney flat is a lovely option to enhance its aesthetics and feel. Consider your different options and get advice from a professional to get the best for your place.