How to create high-quality Instagram stories for your profile

Instagram stories are interactive and highly valuable as social media tools. Instagram is a place where you can create stories that have interactive elements like tags, polls, and music pieces to engage your audience. If you are planning to create a strong follower base on Instagram, you should use stories every day to create templates that attract more people to see your profile. Stories are a great way of engaging your existing follower base and also creating new followers from visitors. In this article, you will get to know about the different ways in which you can make Instagram stories perfect for the story viewer.

What are the different tools to use for an Instagram story?

Use high-quality images- to create a good Instagram story and tell a tale with it, you should use high-quality images. The best way to interact with your audience is to create high-quality stories with meaningful pictures. Instagram is more based on high-quality images and different stickers, as well as other tools. The Instagram algorithm picks up on interesting pictures and other such qualities when scouring for pictures to display. Use pictures that are high resolution and very beautiful so that a person would want to share them or view them again and again with Iganony.

Keep it concise- The Instagram stories should not be cramped up with words and hashtags.  The story should be planned and organized in such a way that the hero of the story is the pictures. Use only two or three words or a sentence to caption the story, but do not use too many explanations and sentences. The images should be taken center stage, and they should be self-explanatory. Do not create the stories with too much text or clutter the text with multiple stickers and other additional features. The stories should not have music that does not go with the theme and pictures. The stories should be concise so that the person who views them gets the message within 10 seconds.

Utilize hashtags

When planning the stories for your profile, always try to use the right kind of hashtags to include on the stories. You do not have to use too many hashtags, but you can also research about the hashtags to include and then use them with the right font and view. You can use dynamic fonts on the story to go well with your photos or videos. The hashtags can also be location-specific so that people of a certain location can see the stories on Iganony when they search for the hashtag and location.


The stories should be used every day to interact with your audience so that your followers connect with you every day. Stories on Instagram are also perfect for starting a conversation with your audience. With different text and graphic types, you can decorate your stories and offer something creative for the audience to enjoy and see again and again.