How to Design a Logo From Start to Finish

Designing a logo is the art of creative minds. It is one of those things that helps your brand to get the much-needed publicity, it helps in better engagement, it also helps in creating a recurring memory for the brand, and a logo also acts as an ambassador for the brand. How to design a logo, might seem like a simple point but it isn’t. Having a logo that defines your brand in the best way possible is of utmost importance. The logo will help your brand’s growth and consistency, so it is advised by multiple experts that spending more resources and time on it will surely help your brand a lot.

If you are facing any problems in creating a good logo for your brand then we have a few tips that can help in designing your logo from the beginning to the end. You can follow the tips here:

1. Start by defining your identity

Defining your brand’s identity is a very important task for the management as well as the business owner. There are multiple aspects of brand identity and each of them has to contribute to building your brand’s identity. It’s true that one has to create a logo that resonates with the brand but there are different other elements too. A website’s design and UI, content, marketing strategy and other materials- all of these are the things that contribute to making a brand’s identity. And all of these things have one thing in common- to market and represent your brand in the world. So be it a home improvement logo or a coffee shop logo; do not just confine yourself to the creation of a logo but work in uplifting the entire ecosystem.

2. Look out in the market

One of the most important things about designing a logo is that it should be unique and should also resonate with your brand. For that you will have to get some ideas, isn’t it? So, why not research and use your creativity to craft an amazing logo. While researching on the internet or having a look at your competition, make sure that you are not just looking at the surface of the logo. Dig in deeper, have a good look at it and see the multiple elements. Check the colour palette that they offer, the type of logo that the majority of your competition is creating and so on. Your lack of research shouldn’t reflect on your logo at any cost. It will adversely affect your sales and reputation.

3. Determination of your logo style

Now once you have had a better look at the market, you now know what all things are required for your logo. You have also seen the inside out of your competition. We can say that you are now well-equipped to make the decision about your logo style. This is going to be a very important decision. Basically, there are 3 types of logo styles, either it is going to be an “All Text Logo”, “All image Logo”, or a mix of both these things. If you decide to create a monogram logo you will have either have to go for the first option or the second option. But even while deciding the style of your logo, ensure that it doesn’t deviate from the brand speak.

4. Brainstorm the ideas

The first few steps for creating a logo are done. You have created your brand’s identity, you have also determined your logo style, and competition accessing with looking out for options is also done. With all these things in place, it’s time for the entire team to brainstorm on the brand’s logo. First, you can ask your designer or the creative person to create a few options according to the designs you wish to have. Once, that’s done, you can then sit again for another round of discussion and if there are any changes you wish to make; that can be done there itself.

5. Sketch the ideas on a paper

Now, once the brainstorming is done after the market accession; it’s time to get real and create a logo. To start with, you should refrain from starting the work digitally. Rather go for the traditional option of using a sketchbook with colours. Using tools straightaway would limit your horizon and you might not get the best of your abilities. So, give yourself some liberty and start with a sketchbook. Twist and turn your ideas and also you can simply take out your notebook whenever and wherever you get an inspiration or idea.

6. Test your options before presenting

Now is the time when you have prepared 3-4 options of logos, you have to decide the best of 2 or 3 maybe (if you have made 6-7 logo options). But once you have the final, selected logos, you can take reviews from your friends, family members, and colleagues. You can test your selected options or get the selection based on the choices of others. It totally depends on you as to how you want to do these things. Then, you can take the selected options to the management and present them in the best way possible.

7. Determine the connection with the brand

While you create or present the logos to your client or management, there are multiple things that you need to keep in mind. But the most important of them all is the determination of a connection with the brand. Right from the logo design to the font and other elements, you need to connect all of them to the brand. Every element in the logo should have some weight towards your brand’s speak. Make sure you have created a logo that gives out your brand’s future and should also talk about what the brand has on offer (but not completely). Let the partial establishment be made from your side and the other half from the customers.

8. Make your logo recognizable

We know this point is a bit understood and that the creator will keep it in mind before making a logo but that’s not true for everyone. So, we would like to tell you that your logo should be easily recognizable and should be easy to understand. No denying that it should also be easily consumable because you do not have much time. Place and keep your font, colours, and other elements of the logo in the best way possible that it attracts the attention of your customers and also keeps them curious to know about your brand. Once this curiosity kicks inside your customers, there would be no stopping then. It is an important factor that should be kept in mind.


Every type of brand and even if they are in the same vertical have a lot of different ideas, strengths, weakness, and future plans. All of these critical and important things determine the type and way of a logo your company should and will bear. We are well aware of the fact that a dancer’s logo will be different from that of an automobile company’s logo. And even amongst their rivals, there will be a huge difference and deviation between logos. So, just follow the steps that we have mentioned above or talk to an expert for more help.