How to Get an Electrical Outlet and Switch Installed by a Professional Technician

You should hire a professional technician to avoid costly mistakes and install your electrical outlet and switch appropriately. It would help if you had the work done by a certified electrician. The technician will be able to provide you with the proper installation, as well as fix any electrical problems that may arise. Read on to discover how to get a reasonable price and what to expect when hiring a technician.

Cost of 120V outlets

The cost of having 240V electrical outlet and switch installed by a professional technician can vary. The installation of 120V outlets is generally straightforward, but 240V outlets and switches require wires and a new circuit in the electrical panel. If the electrician must upgrade the electrical panel, he’ll need to spend about $500 to $1,300 for the installation. This cost is often higher because the new wiring requires extensive internal work. Adding a 240V outlet can even turn into an entire electrical rewiring.

Standard outlets range in price from $1 to $20 each. Traditional outlets feature two receptacles and are designed for small appliances. They measure 15 amps, so they’re suitable for lighting, radios, and other low-amp usage items. The price of these outlets depends on the style of plugs used, as some outlets have more prongs than others. Nonetheless, they’re well worth the money.

The cost of replacing outlets depends on the type and number of outlets. Standard outlets require smaller wires, while more prominent 220-volt outlets require more extensive wiring and boxes. A professional technician’s service will cost between $100 and $200. The labor, pack, and wires for a 120V outlet installation typically take less than an hour to complete. The technician will need to take some measurements to ensure proper wiring is in place and inspect the wiring in the walls.

Cost of hardwired smart outlets

If you’re ready to upgrade your home with smart outlets, you can install them relatively cheaply. Smart outlets are designed to monitor and regulate the current flow, which helps reduce energy consumption. Just four milliamps of imbalance can trip a circuit within 30 milliseconds. Most intelligent outlets will come with USB ports, allowing you to charge mobile devices while away. To install smart outlets, you will need to have them hardwired into your home’s smart hub. However, once you’ve done that, you can begin using them to reduce your energy usage.

The cost of an innovative hardwired outlet is typically between $25 and $50. The installation costs will depend on which kind of intelligent outlet you choose. A standard 120V outlet might cost as little as $3, while a brilliant outlet may cost anywhere from $50 to $150. The labor costs will also vary; some require more installation time than others. However, if you’re considering adding an innovative outlet to your home, it’s worth checking out the cost of having a professional technician install it.

Cost of GFCI protection outlets

The cost to install GFCI protection outlets by a professional technician depends on whether the installation requires rewiring or just a simple swap-out. The cost of labor is typical $125 to $175. According to Angi, the cost of a GFCI outlet installation by a certified electrician ranges from $125 to $175. The average price of the building is $260, but this cost may be higher depending on the work.

A professional technician costs around $250 to install ground fault interrupter outlets. They can also be installed manually. Most of these outlets are installed in new construction and are used in areas that experience a lot of moisture. Having the outlets installed by a professional technician will require a higher cost and longer installation time. However, it is worth the money to avoid having electrical problems and injuries caused by electrical outlets.


The average cost of installing a GFCI outlet by a professional is around $200. It is important to remember that this price varies based on the number of outlets you need to be installed and the home’s wiring quality. Professional technicians usually charge an hourly rate for their services and can install one to three outlets per hour. GFCI outlets work by sensing electrical faults and shutting off power.