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Popcornflix is an over-the-top streaming service. It was created by Popcornflix LLC, which is owned by Screen Media Ventures. The company was acquired by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment in 2017. The service has been on the market since 2007. It is also available for offline viewing.

It offers more than a dozen platforms and devices, including Android and iOS phones. Users can also access the service on devices like the Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Those who want to watch Popcornflix on the big screen can also access it through Chromecast. The Popcornflix website has a search bar in the top-right corner of the screen. Users can also browse a list of available movies by category.

Users can sign up for a free account on Popcornflix to access the service’s content. Although the service requires a valid email address, it does not ask for any personal details. Users can rate content and create GIFs that relate to it. Additionally, Popcornflix offers mobile apps that are available on Apple and Google Play.

Although Popcornflix has a few minor flaws, it is a decent alternative to Crackle for streaming. It has a large catalogue of content, a decent streaming quality, and excellent compatibility with other devices. However, it may not satisfy your streaming needs