Improving Team Performance with Sports Psychology

In Part IV, we show you how to improve communication on your team, because teams that communicate better perform better. We explain the importance of leaders in the team dynamic and help you become a better leader, regardless of your role on your team. We end the part by talking about teamwork — how to improve your team’s chemistry and, in turn, improve your team’s chances for success.

We wrote Part V specifically with coaches and parents in mind. In this part, we offer concrete strategies you can use to improve your team’s performance — from helping they focus to guiding them through playing under pressure to motivating them to succeed. Sports are different today than they were when you were a kid, so we have a chapter specifically for parents of today’s athletes. We tell you how you can support your kids without pressuring them, how to help them prepare for competition, and what to do if your kids say they don’t want to play sports anymore

Part VI is chock full o’ tips, in three brief chapters. We tell you how you can apply sports psychology principles and concepts in the business world — from mentally preparing for a grueling work day, to setting goals for advancing in your career, to dealing with difficult co-workers. We offer tips for mastering the art of competing like a world-class athlete. We give you specific strategies for managing stress — from using meditation and mental imagery to formulating an exercise plan. And we end this part with a chapter for parents, with ten tips for making your kids’ athletic experience a positive and rewarding one

This book isn’t linear — you don’t have to read it from beginning to end, like a novel. Each chapter is self-contained, so you can start anywhere you want, and skip around as you like. You can use the table of contents and index to guide you, but here are a few suggestions for places to begin: If you’re new to sports psychology — you’ve only heard about it but you’ve never practiced any sports psychology techniques — start with Part I for a good foundation. If you want to improve in a specific area, like focus or managing your schedule, turn to the appropriate chapters in Part II.

Lastly comment

If you want to use sports psychology to win, make Part III your destination. If you’re looking for ways to improve your team’s performance, Part IV is for you. And if you’re a parent or coach who wants to use sports psychology to help the athletes in your life, head to Part V. Finally, if you’re short on time, Part VI is full of useful tips you can use today

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