Is Being An Electrician Dangerous?

For every profession, there are always some kinds of dangers that are usually associated with them. Electricians are known to be prone to danger at any time. If they are not the victims of the mistakes, the occupants of the residence they worked in will be the victims.

Note that the fact that there are dangers associated does not mean you cannot practice safely. Do you want to find out some of the dangers associated with being an electrician? Stay glued to this article to find them. Check out residential electricians for more.

Being An Electrician: Is it dangerous?

As stated earlier on, electricians are prone to dangers so we can say it is dangerous. Research has shown that in every 100% of electrical jobs done every year, 10% or more might have an occurrence of danger. What are these dangers?

Dangers Associated With Being An Electrician


Sometimes electricians might be needing to go up on poles to fix a wire or do some kind of connection. If they make use of a faulty ladder or a mistake occurs, it can lead to a fall which would cause an injury if not death. This is why it is advised that someone watches and also someone is there to grab a hold of the ladder. This way the potential of a fall would be lessened.


Due to the kind of instruments that they use, mistakes can occur which would lead to a cut. The only issue with cuts is that depending on the extent if it is not treated properly it candy lead to something more serious.

Electric shocks

Shocks are the major dangers associated with being an electrician. Electric shocks can happen to the electrician or even the occupant of the house. Because they put their hands in different circuits and electric outlets, they can do the wrong thing which would lead to a shock.

Electric burns

Electric burns are not left out. Wires that are not meant to connect would lead to an electric spark and a spark can cause a potential explosion. An electrician who finds himself in an unfortunate situation like this would suffer a burn.

Having known all of these, you do not have to fret. Let’s check out safety measures you could follow as an electrician.

Safety Measures To Follow

Use your glove at all times

There are gloves that electricians use. Upon going out for a job, you should go along with it. There are no small electrical jobs. Every job you do should be treated with utmost care, so your gloves shouldn’t be sitting at home.

Inspect the environment you’re working in

Water is something that does not go too well with electricity. If you find out that the environment you are working in is wet, do well to wait until it is dried before you continue your job.

Take complete kits to work

Some people do not take complete kits to the field which would make them start doing some kind of trial-and-error process. Take all of your tools to every job so that you don’t end up causing an accident.