Know Everything About Instagram Stories

What is an Instagram story?

Instagram stories are another cool feature of Instagram that allows you to share pictures, videos, photos or even plain text with your users in a slideshow format for 24 hours. These stories are available on every user’s timeline for 24 hours after they disappear. Instagram stories can be viewed by users in a chronological order of placement in a slideshow format. Stories are not just limited to filters unlike in posts, they even have the tools to add in stickers, location, polls, gif’s and much more.

How to keep an Instagram story for more than 24 hours?

In order to keep your Instagram story on display for more than 24 hours, you need to play these stories after uploading  and click on the “add to highlights” icon in the lower right corner of your screen. This creates a timeline on your profile and adds all your stories to the highlights for viewing post 24 hours. This helps you keep your story on your profile forever. Instagram stories are a great option to communicate and grow your audience.  Famoid to buy Instagram followers is a good option to increase your audience and to make your account more attractive.

How to post an Instagram story?

Step 1: Launch Instagram and click on the story icon on the upper left corner of the screen or swipe right from your feed to open the camera.

Step 2: Now choose from the filters in-line with the recorder button and capture a picture or record a video by holding the recorder button. Tap done.

Step 3: Instagram opens up tools like stockers, text, colors, looping feature etc for you to edit your story. once edited click on done.

Step 4: Choose the desired audience you want to share your story with and click ok. Voila! Your story has been uploaded.

The correct picture and video size and resolution for your Instagram story:

At times we come across situations where our photo or video gets cropped due to size indifference. In order to get the perfect fit picture into the story frame. Your picture should be 1080px wide and 1920 px high to completely fit the screen, keep your pictures and videos in a ratio of 9:16 to get the perfect fit or use the InstaZoom tool to set the perfect size for the Instagram picture.

Features for Instagram stories:

  1. Text and stickers: Instagram stories have a special feature that helps you add text over your story. Even your story could have only text as well. Tips for Instagram Stories offers you different fonts to work and experiment with. Unlike posts and reels you can easily add in text in your story to indicate important points. You can even add stickers to enhance the overall look of your story. stickers include cute gifs, polls, location stickers, text stickers and much more.
  1. Sounds: Adding in music to your pictures and videos helps elevate the response while adding mood to them. Instagram stories have a feature that helps you add music to your stories. Just click on the icon and choose and sound that you like to add to your story.
  1. Live: Going live with Instagram stories helps you communicate with all your followers in real time, through a video call. This feature helps you stream video on your story. click on the live button on your story and go live. You can easily communicate and connect with your audience using this feature. 
  1. Boomerang, reverse, loop and speed: You can make your videos go in rewind mode, loop or even set the speed for the flow of content. Instagram stories have a cool feature called boomerang it springs videos back and forth to create a rewind replay effect. You can use this feature by swiping to the right of the recorder button on Instagram story.
  1. Superzoom: Instagram has another very cool feature of superzoom to add effects and sounds to your photos and videos. You can swipe right on the recorder button and find superzoom tools, to add paparazzi flash, zooming effect and much more on your story.