Last-minute Preparation Tips for CLAT

No matter how nicely ready you are, the last-minute preparation always gives you additional confidence. Most of the aspirants even believe that last-minute preparation mostly helps them in nailing their CLAT. The CLAT or common law admission test is one of the most imperative tests for aspirants pursuing law programs. This test empowers aspirants to find themselves a seat at the top national law universities.

However, a plethora of aspirants appear CLAT every year. This increases the competition amongst the aspirants and leaves a tight chance for aspirants to clear. On the other hand, if you have prepared well and are quite determined, no one can stop you from accomplishing admissions at NLUs.

When you are talking about CLAT preparation, last-minute preparation does matter for you. If you are a CLAT aspirant, the last-minute preparation will help you grasp several imperative law cases that can come in your exam. In this editorial, you will grasp some last-minute preparation tips that enhance your knowledge.

General last-minute preparation tips

#1st tip- Don’t feel tempted to learn new information 

It is evident that you will come across a lot of information that you haven’t gone through during your last-minute preparation. On the other side, law preparation offers you a massive syllabus. So, covering all parts is monotonous. In such cases, if you have your last-minute preparations, you should not be excited to learn new information. You can have a look, but don’t be too hard on memorizing it, as you can forget all your previous preparations. Although last-minute gaze of new information also remains for a long time in your memory.

#2nd tip- Don’t appear many mock tests in your last-minute preparation 

The subsequent thing that you should do is avoid appearing in many mock tests. No doubt CLAT mock test enables you to identify your flaws and read those parts in the syllabus that you are weak at! However, appearing the mock test at the last minute can be negative for you. It is because; when you don’t score in the mock test well, it might develop stress and anxiety in you.

As a result, despite knowing, you may forget what you have learned due to a lack of confidence. In your last-minute preparation, your overall objective should be to have a gaze and strengthen your memory of what you have learned. You should revise all those parts of the syllabus that you have learned.

#3rd tip- Create a strategy beforehand

While having your last-minute preparation, you should always create a strategy beforehand. This strategy should purely emphasize the blueprint of what will learn during the last-minute preparations. In the strategy, you can also shortlist the part of the syllabus on which you want to emphasize. You can find an order of your last-minute preparation from start to end.

#4th tip- Gain a good sleep cycle

The foremost thing you must include before your sleep cycle is improving your sleep cycle. Don’t aim to wake up all night for last-minute preparation. Instead, you should have a good sleep cycle to be stress-free during the exam.

Section-wise last-minute preparation 

If you are a CLAT aspirant, you must be quite aware of your syllabus and sections to appear in the test. In the CLAT, aspirants will appear five sections. It includes Legal aptitude, English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, and Logical Reasoning. Here are tips for section-wise last-minute preparation.

Legal aptitude 

It would be best to start your last-minute preparation with legal aptitude. Go through your CLAT syllabus and check out which portion from Legal aptitude needs last-minute revision. However, don’t read on the day of your exam. Instead, you should have your last-minute preparation one night before the exam.


English is the second section that needs your last-minute attention. You can read passages and books that you think need the last revision. Make sure that you are revising all the grammar rules. It will help you score most of the marks in the English section. If you are preparing a day before the exam, you can solve a passage also.

General knowledge 

General knowledge is one of the most imperative sections in your CLAT question paper. Most of the aspirants, despite preparations, struggle in this section. It is because; you get unpredictable questions in general knowledge. Thus, if you have subscribed to any current affair channel, you need to ensure that you look at all imperative affairs.

Mathematics and logical reasoning 

These are the two sections that you should not pressurize during your last-minute preparations. Both these sections need an understanding of concepts rather than memorizing. So, it would be best if you focus on formulas.


In conclusion, these are some last-minute preparation tips for the CLAT exam. Now that you are conscious of the tips, you should incorporate these into your last-minute preparation plans to achieve anticipated results.