Live poker: history of winners – top 5 online poker players

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Now the question is, is it true that the biggest wins are in tournaments with big win guarantees? Not always – this can be prevented by the division of prize money between players. But that’s not the case with MILLIONS Online 2018. It’s a $20M online record guaranteed poker tournament that was outbid by 2 million. Immediately 3 players from the final series were in our ranking of the largest drifts. The rest of the players are the winners of the serial mains at PokerStars.

1. “Sheparentao” ($2,329,943) – MILLIONS Online 2018

 Buy-in: $5,300, Warranty: $20,000,000, Prize Pool: $21,835,000, Number of participants: 4367.

 Manuel Ruivo is the top 1 biggest winner in online poker history. And the top 1 of the tournament with a record guarantee. The relationship is obvious.

 In heads-up, the players still shared the prize money. Without the split, first place would have cost $2.7M. However, playing $800K heads-up is too nerve-wracking.

2. “ForMatherRussia” ($2,309,994) – MILLIONS Online 2018

 Buy-in: $5,300, Warranty: $20,000,000, Prize Pool: $21,835,000, Number of participants: 4367.

 Dutch player Pim de Goede (Goede Pim) did not have enough 4 blinds to the stack to get into the top 1 list after the split. But I think this fact did not greatly sadden him.

3. “POTTERPOKER” ($2,278,097) – WCOOP 2010 Main Event

 Buy-in: $5,200, Warranty: $10,000,000, Prize Pool: $12,215,000, Number of participants: 2443.

 The largest WCOOP main in terms of prize money took place in 2010. The Tyson Marks winner’s award remained a record until 2018.

 The winner went to the final with a chip leader stack. The importance of this for victory is difficult to exaggerate. Tyson pressed the table and remained the chip leader until the very victory. He took the prize for first place without sharing.

4. “Jovial Gent” ($1,715,200) – WCOOP 2009 Main Event

 Buy-in: $5,200, Warranty: $10,000,000, Prize Pool: $10,720,000, Number of participants: 2144.

 Yevgeniy Timoshenko is the only Russian-speaking player on the list. By the time of his poker triumph, he lived in America, where he emigrated from Ukraine.

 The final went without a split, and in heads-up the players played for $500K.

5. “SvZff” ($1,624,502) – WCOOP 2017 Main Event

 Buy-in: $5,200, Warranty: $10,000,000, Prize Pool: $10,915,000, Number of participants: 2183.

 The Dutchman Steven van Zadelhoff received only 20% of the amount. The rest went to shares. Stephen admitted in an interview that this had a strong effect on the emotional state before the game at the final table. He even managed to turn to a psychologist for help.