Major differences between a sticker and a decal

Have you ever wondered what the difference between stickers and decals is? If so, then you are probably looking to buy either of the above.

The sticker universe can be confusing. Especially because sticker makers use a host of terms to refer to, essentially, the same thing.

This article will help you navigate these terms and give you all the information you need to make the right decision. Are you ready to learn more? Then let’s jump in.

What is the difference between a sticker and a decal?

There is no inherent difference between the two. Both are printed pieces of paper or plastic with an adhesive back. Both are, essentially, what you would think of as stickers.

However, professional printers differentiate between the two slightly: Stickers are generally smaller than decals.

This is why, when you look for laptop stickers like these, you are more likely to stumble over the term “stickers”. Whereas wall or floor decals are mostly referred to as “decals”, simply because they are larger.

How are stickers and decals made?

Stickers and decals are made in a similar way. The adhesive material is coated onto the back of the printed vinyl and the two are then laminated together.

This creates a durable, waterproof bond that will keep your sticker or decal looking great for years to come.

Keep in mind that paper stickers or decals are slightly less durable, as they are made from paper. These should mostly be used indoors.

What are the benefits of using stickers or decals over other forms of branding or advertising?

Their versatility. Especially when choosing custom stickers and decals, you are in complete control over their look. You can not only create your own design but choose the perfect material, size and shape.

Get the most out of your stickers and decals by using the same design in different places: Window signage, product labels, vehicle fleet branding, even handouts – there are no limits.

Other forms of branding are static and hard to change. With stickers and decals, you can think on your feet and add to your campaign as you go along. Stickers and decals also tend to be among the cheapest branding solutions on the market.

When ordering your custom stickers or decals, remember that stickers are generally smaller than decals, but do not let the terms confuse you. 

Both offer great versatility for custom designs, making them perfect for any branding or advertising campaign. And because they are low-cost, both make excellent value for money. Let us know your choice in the comments below.