Most Common Health Issues

Every human being should take care of their health. Monthly checkups are important that ensure the health of a person. The government is trying its best to spread awareness about these issues. However, the truth is that the health system is declining. People are not adopting a healthy lifestyle due to which their condition is not improving at all.

Here is a list of the most common health issues that people face starmusiq;

1. Obesity

Obesity is a global problem that is increasing gradually. Till now, there has been no full stop to the alarmingly increasing rate in the cases. Obese patients are at constant risk of getting various diseases. The most common diseases are high blood sugar, cardiac arrest, diabetes, stomach abnormalities, and sleep disorders. There are various cases in which patients died because of increased weight.

2. Smoking

Youngsters are often corrupted by using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. The harmful substances can even cause cancer in many patients. If this addiction remains untreated, then the patient might die. According to various studies, physicians play a great role in quitting smoking.

3. Alcohol & drugs

Due to high levels of stress, people often find ways to get rid of madness, sadness, and depression. These substances indeed provide great comfort for the time being. But the truth is that they are nothing more than a sweet poison. Some young people do it deliberately. However, there are also cases where people put drugs in coffee, drinks, or meal of other people. Make sure to take proper care of yourself around strangers.

4. Mental disorders

There are lots of people that suffer from mental health. Not everyone has the facilities to seek help for their disorder, so they suffer in silence. Dementia is a mental disorder in which people start forgetting even the smallest things. Stress, anxiety, and depression are one of the most common mental disorders. Sadly almost everyone is infected by this deadly disease. Moreover, the rate of suicide is gradually increasing.

5. Poor environment

Do you know that our environment is constantly becoming dirty, polluted, and toxic because of traffic, factories, and toxins? Especially people who live in villages and slums get affected by this atmosphere. They are usually poor and don’t have enough money to get a proper checkup. The government is still trying to make efforts to clean the environment webtoon.

6. Vaccination

Timely vaccination is necessary for the health of an individual. There are still deadly diseases that can only be stopped with proper vaccination. Any negligence in this aspect can cost your life.


Senior citizens are extremely careless about their habits. That’s why STDs, AIDS, and infectious diseases spread. It’s also because of the stigma around the disease, due to which people hesitate to spread awareness about it. Moreover, senior people are weak physically. Their organs do not work in their best condition. Due to this, they become even weaker, stressed, and unhealthy.

8. MTHFR Gene Defect

People who suffer from MTHFR gene defects must go through life with many health issues that they may not realize the cause of. Usually, doctors recommend these people to take L-methylfolate on a regular basis. However, there are countless research papers out there that talk about The Symptoms Of L-methylfolate Deficiency, without giving an accurate dosage for L-methylfolate. This is why it’s very important for people with MTHFR to talk to an doctor about the correct methylfolate dosage.

Final Thoughts

Eating healthy, sleeping on time and regular checkups might be helpful in the timely detection of the disease. In most cases, with timely detection, the chances of getting the situation under control are high.