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Movie Flixter is a new app that allows users to find, rent, and purchase movies. Its newly revamped interface features Rotten Tomatoes(r) Tomatometer scores, reviews from critics, and exclusive video content from hot actors and actresses. The app also provides information on which movies are currently playing in theaters and which are available to watch at home. It also features information on movie showtimes, and the ability to tag movies for later viewing.

The site’s redesign has a similar user experience to Kayak, which allows users to search for airfare, hotel, and car rental options. Its website offers more options than Kayak, and is now free for everyone. The movie streaming service offers a variety of categories, including the genres and actors. It also has a feature to rate movies based on their popularity. In addition to searching, Movie Flixter is also available on mobile devices.

Movie Flixter relaunched on Tuesday with a mission to make itself the most comprehensive resource for discovering new movies. To do that, users can search for titles, cast, and Rotten Tomatoes ratings. They can also browse films by release date and review scores. Ultimately, MovieFlixter is aiming to become the best tool for discovering and watching new movies. It has similarities to travel site Kayak, which allows users to search for flights across multiple airlines. However, it has a more user-friendly interface and is built for a better user experience.