Oval 4 Carat Diamond Ring – Big Rock in Budget

Round-cut diamonds are the most popular options available for rings. But there is another option that offers an equal rivalry to this masterpiece. It is an oval-cut diamond. While you can get them in different carats, the 4-carat ones are much more popular. The oval 4-carat diamond ring is popular among celebrities for getting an elongated finger appearance. On the other hand, it has also come up as a great option for people who wish to buy a diamond ring but have a strict budget.

So, why are people getting inclined toward this diamond ring option? Let us dig in a bit.

Are Oval-Shaped Diamonds Worthy?

There are so many things that people love about the oval-shaped diamonds today.

Similar to a round-cut diamond, oval-cut diamonds are also brilliant cuts. A brilliant cut diamond is when there are several facets cut from the diamond. It is these facets that reflect light and make the diamond sparkle. So, if you are looking for a sparkling diamond, you the oval-cut diamond is also an excellent option.

The second reason why most people love the oval-cut diamond is because of its bigger surface. Even when you are getting an oval 4-carat diamond ring, it may give out the feel of a much bigger diamond because of its elongated surface.

Lastly, the oval cut diamonds also have a timeless style because of their soft edges and classic look.

Is an Oval 4 Carat Diamond Ring for You?

One of the major questions that most people have is whether the oval-cut diamond ring is best for them or not. While a much bigger oval diamond ring may actually turn heads in curiosity, anyone can settle with an oval diamond ring of 4-carat size.

The idea of getting an oval-shaped diamond is to make your finger long slender and elongated. Also, a modern-styled oval-cut diamond ring is very much in trend today. Oval-shaped diamond engagement rings in several sizes, mostly 4-carat are getting popular recently.  A halo effect or a solitaire ring with an oval diamond is a classic piece to go for.

How Expensive are the Oval Diamonds?

Oval-shaped diamond rings may not be as popular as round diamonds yet, but they are soon reaching the radar. One of the major reasons is that they are less expensive than round-cut diamonds.

Usually, an oval-shaped diamond looks bigger than a round-cut diamond of the same size because of the oval diamond’s elongated surface. This explains why oval-shaped diamonds can be available at a lesser price than round-cut diamonds. A 4-carat oval diamond looks bigger than a 4-carat round diamond. So, if you wish to get a big rock without pressurizing your pocket much, an oval-shaped diamond ring is the best option for you.

So, there you are. If you have been looking for a big rock to impress your girl but you are short on budget, check out the oval 4-carat diamond ring options. Not only these rings are affordable but also the elongated shape looks great on anyone. Just pick the right piece from the right place to create a memory to last forever.