PMI-ACP® Certification Eligibility Requirements

Are you looking to get PMI-ACP certified? If so, you must be aware that like any other PMI certification, you will have to meet some specific requirements to be eligible for the ACP examination.  

These requirements are a mandatory prerequisite of the certification as they ensure that you have the necessary qualifications, experience, and knowledge to pursue the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) certification, and ultimately you will be able to prepare and pass the exam. 

In this guide, let’s take a look at all the eligibility requirements of a PMI-ACP certification that you need to clear. 

Components of PMI ACP eligibility requirements

We cannot say that everyone can apply for the ACP exam when there are certain exam requirements that you have to meet. 

The components of PMI ACP Training in Zurich requirements consist of the following:

  • Educational qualifications
  • General project experience
  • Agile project experience
  • Training in agile practice

Let’s take a look at what each component of ACP certification covers. 

Educational qualifications

PMI ACP certification states that in order to sit for the exam, the candidates must have a secondary degree or a high school diploma, or an associate’s degree. This is the basic ACP certification requirement, which you will probably be able to meet. 

Let’s move to the next qualification.

General project experience 

PMI ACP certification requires the candidates to have a minimum of 2000 hours and that comes around to one year of general project management experience in the previous 5 years. 

So, If you have worked 2000 hours on several projects in your organization as a part of a project team in the last 5 years, then you have met the general project experience requirement for the ACP certification. 

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Agile project experience 

PMI specifies that you must have at least 1500 hours of agile project experience in the last three years. It means you must have 1500 hours of experience working on projects using agile methodologies and practices. The 1500 hours experience comes out to 8 months working in agile project management. 

Training in Agile practice 

Lastly, you will need 21 format contact hours in agile training/education. You can enroll in various agile training courses to meet the 21 hours in agile practice eligibility requirement of the ACP certification. 

Overview of the PMI-ACP eligibility criteria

To summarise the eligibility requirements for the ACP examination, you can refer to the following table.

Educational qualifications  + General project experience + Agile project experience  + Training in agile practices
Secondary degree  + 2000 hours (12 months) of experience working in the project management domain in the last 5 years.  + 1500 hours (8 months) of experience working in agile project management in the last 3 years  + 21 contacts hours of agile training/education


An Increasing number of organizations are implementing agile practices for their projects and therefore there is a greater need for certified agile practitioners in various industries. If you meet all of the above eligibility requirements for the ACP certification, then it is the right time for you to begin your career in agile project management. If you think the article was helpful, let us know in the comment section. 

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