Purchasing an Apartment takes some Consideration

There are a lot of good reasons to choose to invest in an apartment, it can be a more affordable way to enter the property market, you can often live closer to city life, and you can access public transport to get around. Just because you prefer an apartment to a house for purchasing does not mean it does not need as much thought. Never buy any property blindly, think about the kind of apartments for sale Wollongong area that would best meet your needs. Here are a few things to consider further.

Access to facilities on-site and close by

One of the biggest things to consider is what kind of things you want from the apartment block as a whole, and what you want close around you. Do you want a pool, a gym, a laundry room on-site? Do you want additional security measures? A communal outdoor space? Extra storage facilities? Do you want to walk your dog in a park, or take your kids to close by swings, or be within walking distance of a supermarket? Do you want nightlife within easy travel distance or do you need schools and cafes? Are you an avid reader who needs book shops and a local library? These are important considerations to ensure you are living where you can be happiest.

Visit at different times

Try to visit the apartment at different times, do not settle on just one visit. You need to see how loud it is in the evening, when traffic is busiest, how safe you feel walking around the block and so on. This gives you the best information on if this is the best apartment Wollongong has to offer you.

Have a clear idea about your income and cash flow

Not only do you need to be clear on the price of the apartment you also need to consider strata fees, moving costs, monthly costs, the strength of the local market, interest rates and so on. There is more to think about than just the price of the apartment itself.

How old is the building?

It is not an immediate reason to not move in when the building is a decade old, but older buildings need more replacements and repairs so how well is it being looked after? Older than 20 years and the maintenance costs rise significantly. Make sure you have apartments for sale Wollongong area checked by experts so you know the real condition of the apartments and the buildings.

Is there car parking or local transportation?

If you have a car do you have parking included with the apartment, or do you have to pay extra for it? Is it private or on the street? Is there parking for visitors? Are apartment owners fighting each other using guest parking for second vehicles leaving no spare parking in reality for visitors? If you do not have the issue of a car, how are you going to get around? Is there local transportation close enough to the apartment Wollongong to get you to the places you need?