Just change the shape of the nose and the face will change. Cheongdam luxury nose surgery. The nose is the most important part of the face. just change the shape of the nose The face has changed

A person with a beautiful nose Even with single eyelids, they look smart, chic, and charming. “High-nosed women” (tall-headed people) will see that the nose is what determines a woman’s destiny.

If you want to have a prominent nose like your daughter-in-law in the Cheongdam area. (Rich district in Seoul) You should have a closed nose surgery. which is gaining popularity

Closed rhinoplasty will help your nose look perfect, natural and no scars are visible. If you want the tip of the nose to be firmer and support the bridge of the nose can augment the tip of the nose with cartilage or if the tip of the nose is low It can enhance the tip of the nose to be higher.

Sexy Barbie Line Nose Surgery

The nose is an organ located in the center of the face. It is therefore an important part that determines the image of that person.

The most popular nose shape is “Barbie Line”.

A Barbie Line nose is a nose that is prominent from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose, also known as the “upturned tip”. To have a Barbie Line nose, the bridge of the nose must be augmented with a prosthesis. and enhance the tip of the nose to be pointed up with cartilage If you want to look classy and sexy You will also need to have nose surgery in this way.

Rhinoplasty that brings a baby face to baby face

Nowadays, the baby face trend is rapidly becoming popular among Koreans.

Both women and men, regardless of age. They all want themselves to look younger than their age.

The point of the face known as “baby face” is not at the tip of the pointed nose. not a high nose But it’s a nose that fits your face!!

If you want to have a youthful face instead of sitting and searching the Internet You should consult a specialist surgeon. because the face can look like a child or not. It depends on the nose that is more suitable for the face shape than the shape of the nose.

How to make up your nose

  1. Apply a shadow that is darker than the skin. The tone on the bridge of the nose This will help the tip of the nose appear more prominent.
  2. Apply highlight on the bridge of the nose to make the nose look prominent.
  3. Nose has risen

Basic nose surgery

1. Nose bridge surgery Correct low nose bridge

If the bridge of the nose is low but the tip of the nose is high Corrected with surgery on the bridge of the nose using prosthetics such as silicone or gore-tex Nose bridge augmentation will use general anesthesia, surgery time 1 – 1.30 hours, can go home within the same day. Cut the sutures and remove the bandage 7 – 14 days after surgery. Rhinoplasty only Helps to make the nose stand up But often there is augmentation of the tip of the nose as well.

2. The difference between open and closed surgery

Rhinoplasty The key point is the slender tip of the nose and the bridge of the nose that naturally connects to the forehead. Surgical methods are divided into two main methods, namely surgical and closed surgery.

open surgery In addition to cutting the nostrils, it also cuts open the base of the nose between the nostrils. The doctor will be able to see the structure inside the nose clearly. Therefore, nose surgery can be performed as desired easily. Despite the scar on the base of the nose But after 3-4 months, the scars will fade and become less visible.

Closed surgery is an incision in the inside of the nostrils. It has the advantage that scars are invisible. Suitable for simple rhinoplasty such as nose bridge surgery. But there is a disadvantage have a narrow surgical area This makes it difficult to examine the structure inside the nose. especially in nose tip surgery because there are many limitations therefore requires a highly skilled and experienced surgeon

3. Who is Rhinoplasty suitable for?

Those whose nose tip size and shape is good but low nose bridge

4. Big nose

The wide nose bridge makes the face look stiff, unattractive if the nose is big. Can be corrected by filing both sides of the nasal bone on both sides. then tie the bone

How to perform surgery to correct the big nose

  1. If the nose is long and protruding, the protruding part of the nose must be cut off.
  2. File the inside of the bone.
  3. File the left side of the bridge of the nose and Nav through the nostrils.
  4. Inner bone bundle
  5. After the surgery, the taro dam must be put on as well.

Note : read more : https://www.bangmodaesthetic.com/article/content09012020