Storiesig: The Storistalker

Do you wish to watch Instagram stories anonymously but don’t want to register? Want to know what’s happening in your close friend’s life anonymously? Perhaps you want to Insta Stalk someone? We all have come across this urge once in our life where we wanted to know what’s happening in another person’s life without being noticed. If yes, then StoriesIG is meant just for you. StoriesIG is an Insta Stalking and story viewing application. It helps you with viewing Instagram stories anonymously and even downloading them. StoriesIG has been built in a way that it provides you access to Instagram stories of public accounts to view discretely and also download it for free. Now it is easy to get hands on any story that you earlier wished to download. StoriesIG not only downloads stories but highlights as well.

Anonymous browsing Instructions

  1. To get started with downloading and viewing Instagram stories anonymously, you need to navigate to the homepage of StoriesIG. From here navigate to the field for viewing and downloading Instagram stories. you can even use the app available for download on Play store and App store for free.
  2. Now switch to your Instagram and open the profile of the person whose story you wish to watch and download anonymously. Copy the username of this profile; you can also enter the username manually in the field provided if you are sure what the username is. In order to find the exact user, having the correct username is vital.
  3. Press search and the Instagram stories and highlights of the user are displayed to you.
  4. Tap on any story you wish to view anonymously. Now you can view any story or highlight of any user anonymously.
  5. To download the story post playing it, tap on the download button given over the story. The story is instantly saved in your gallery to view offline.

Benefits of Instastalker and story viewer

  1. Functional: The application is fully functional and legal. You can view any story without registering or making an Instagram account. It is completely legal as the application does not violate privacy norms. The best part is that you not only get to view Instagram stories but also download them to your device to use later. This is the safest and best way to stalk your boyfriend, girlfriend, competitor, family member etc.
  1. Anonymous: Stalking is all about viewing things anonymously. In opinion of the population, making a fake account means going undercover, but that’s not actually true, the user can see that you viewed their stories and can go suspicious. They might also not allow an unknown contact to follow them. StoriesIG has made this extremely You do not need to take so much pain for just nothing, all you need is a username and you can view any story anonymously. This is what going undercover exactly means.
  1. Free: The best part is StoriesIG is completely free and does not require registration, you cannot ask for more. You do not pay for the service and moreover no information is being stored over the app, hence it’s free and safe by all means.