Stress Relief with Paint by Numbers

Art therapy is now accepted practice for reducing stress. Painting, drawing, coloring, or simply having fun with crayons and inks might help you relax. Whatever the art type is, the goal is to unwind and have fun. In fact, studies support the effectiveness of hobbies like paint-by-numbers in reducing stress. Drawing or coloring between the lines enables one to concentrate solely on the present, which reduces tension.

The creative process has numerous benefits. The creative process for any art form, whether it be painting, literary, or performance art, has been found to have a healing and expanding effect on the brain by psychologists and mental health professionals. Doors in the mind that have remained closed despite other therapeutic endeavors are unlocked because of the freedom and control that the creative process offers the brain.

Painting with Paint by Numbers kits is exceptionally good hobby to practice. The Paint by Numbers kits normally have everything you need to complete the painting (the paints, paint brushes and the pre-printed canvas template) and Paint by Numbers kits are very easily accessible, you can order your favorite themes online. For example, one of the best known Paint by Numbers brand myPaintLab offers more than 2500 high quality Paint by Numbers kits in their online store.

myPaintLab Paint by Numbers kits

While doing the Paint by Numbers, you will recognize that painting really calms. Once you start to paint and get concentrated on the details, you’ll quickly enter the relaxing mode because the painting activity calms down the brain in a beneficial way. It’s also proven that focused painting activities can regulate the heart rate and sugar levels just like meditation.

Painting is one of the best ways to fight anxiety and stress.  It serves as both a creative outlet and it is also a technique for us to organize our ideas and sharpen our attention.

Painting by Numbers exercises help to improve patience through focusing and learning to handle the smallest details. One complicated Paint by Numbers kit can take from some days to weeks to complete. You really need to have some patience to get the work done step by step. Advanced Paint by Number kits will deliver quite professional results as they have a lot more details than the simple ones. But again, to achieve that, you need to be patient and get most of the details covered seamlessly.

Painting also increases focus and brain activity. Concentration is needed to devote oneself to painting. Painting is a laborious task that enables you to let go and ignore the surroundings. While the right brain hemisphere is linked to creativity and emotions, the left hemisphere deals with logic and reasoning. Fully concentrated painting exercises allow your mind run wild and free, so that even the deepest ideas can breathe.

In this epidemic era, when we are socially isolated from others, including our family and friends, having stable mental health is essential. If you feel mentally drained and exhausted, it is the time to relax and have fun with Paint by Numbers!