The 3 Mistakes Mothers Make when Shopping for Bras

It’s quite common: A mother has everything she needs but forgets about buying a great nursing bra.

Don’t wait until you feel discomfort. Find the perfect fit for your nursing bra and enjoy breastfeeding!

A good nursing bra goes beyond “or a bra without an underwire.” It is made from soft, stretchy, and non-abrasive fabrics. They are easy to use for nursing.

We have compiled three top bra shopping tips that will help you find the perfect bra for you.

  1. Do Not Shop Too Soon

It is impossible to predict your breast response to pregnancy or lactation. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. Some moms experience a decrease in cup size while others notice an increase of 4 cups.

When should you purchase a nursing bra? Experts agree that three to four weeks after delivery is the best time to measure for structured nursing bras. This gives you time to establish your breast tissue and milk supply. When the breasts have completely developed before you start feeding, the optimal time to measure is between noon and 2 p.m.

Nursing bras may be purchased when you are around eight months pregnant. The majority of your baby’s birth weight will be gained by this time and you will have undergone major body transformations. Eight months postpartum, the size of your breasts should be approximately the same size as your breasts.

2. Uncomfortable Bras Are Acceptable

It is important to find a nursing bra and maternity bra that will stretch with you. This will allow for normal fluctuations nursing moms may experience throughout the day. You will wear a bra practically all day and night, so it is important to feel comfortable. Avoid itchy and irritating fabric.

Each brand has its own fitting guide or nurse bra size calculator. You should verify that the exact product listing and store you are using for your measurements are correct.

A bra size guide and your measurements can help you make an informed decision about what size bra to order. However, it is only after you take the bra home that you will be able to test it out. You should feel great when your bra is on! The band should fit snugly but not too tightly and should sit low enough to reach the breasts.

You can also do it while sitting down. Stand straight up to see the support you get. Put your feet on the ground and bend over to lie down. A bra that fits well should not slide.

Many women make the fatal mistake of buying a bra that is too big for their cups. Nursing bras are often composed of elastic fabric that may fit a wide range of sizes. Therefore, you won’t need to adjust your cups as often as you would with a regular bra.

3. Other Styles Are Ignored

As there are many different types of dresses for different occasions you will find different styles and maternity bras. Some women may only need one nursing bra to be comfortable while sleeping, lounging, or going out.

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