The Best Fishing Spots In Hawaii

Hawaii is well known for the absolutely vast variety it possesses in terms of marine life. This makes it a perfect holiday destination for saltwater fishing fanatics. The Pacific archipelago -a fully-fledged state in the United States of America since 1959 – does not just offer fishing spots. There is a great deal of fascinating terrestrial life, such as hoary bats and the Hawaiian nene goose. Fishing enthusiasts can soak up some of the famous Aloha spirit at a traditional luau or hula after making the catch of their lives.

Species of Fish

There are plenty of fish you can catch from the shore:


A short predatory fish are known for its fearsome appearance and rows of sharp snapping teeth. A prized catch.

Blue Striped Snapper

A species of ray-finned carnivorous fish that can be commonly caught from the shore. Surprisingly delicious.

Giant Needlefish

The giant needlefish – otherwise known as a houndfish – is a prized game fish. It has a long body and powerful muscles. It can weigh up to 10 pounds.


Goatfish are a delicacy you can lift right from the waves with very little effort. Also known as red mullet, these fish were highly sought after in ancient Rome.


Flagtail fish are extremely beautiful – and wildly abundant on the Hawaiian coast.


Triggerfish are large, toothy creatures famed for their tropical beauty. Triggerfish are aggressive and territorial reef dwellers. They are edible, but care needs to be taken not to ingest a toxic species.

Here are some of the very best shore fishing spots in the Aloha State.

Spencer Beach Park

Spencer Beach Park is located on Hawaii’s Big Island – meaning that it is easily accessible from the Kona property of Outrigger Hotels and Resorts. The park has soft white sands and shady palm trees.

Hanalei Pier

Head to Hanalei Pier in the Summer months. This is when bigeye scad appears in the coastal water. Bigeye scad encourages predatory fish like amberjack or barracuda to come to the area. People wanting the thrill of catching a barracuda need to visit this area.

Black Rock

Black Rock in Maui is named after the dark volcanic material that forms the seabed in the area. It is an absolutely perfect spot for catching mackerel and triggerfish. Triggerfish are especially prized as catches, but nothing beats having a fresh mackerel barbeque on the beach.

Kaena State Park

Kaena State Park is one of the best deep water shore fishing spots in the Hawaiian archipelago. Located in the Northwest corner of the island of Oahu, Kaena State Park is famous for the depth of the beach drop-off. This extreme depth that is reachable from the shore means that it is possible to catch some of the biggest predatory fish in the area without taking to the waves on a charter fishing boat. This also makes the area rather dangerous for swimming, so be careful not to have too many beers while standing on the shoreline here.