The Bigger, the Better: Wide-Brimmed Hats for Men

The thought of wide-brimmed hats reveals to you some fashion elements associated with women. Although you are not wrong, there are options for men as well. There are endless ubiquitous floppy hats that are not only entering the women’s wardrobe but slowly grabbing the male attention too. Whether summer or spring, wide-brimmed hats never go out of fashion. Slow and steady, the fashion world has incorporated wide-brimmed hats in their attires. Hence, it has become a popular hat style in recent times.

So what encompasses wide-brimmed hats? The brim size of these hats is not less than three inches. Hence, they are handy for the warm months when you have the sun blazing over your head. In such weather, you have to protect your neck, ears, and face from the harmful rays. Only a wide-brimmed hat makes an excellent shield from the climatic variations.

Beyond practicality, these hats offer a vintage look with swag. Whether you get dressed up for a formal or informal setting, you can use these wide-brimmed hats to create an enigmatic look. However, there are a few considerations you have to evaluate before you shop for this headwear. These are your face shape, head size, occasion you are attending, sense of style, and the material.

Attractive styles of wide-brimmed men’s hats you never want to miss 

Heads up, dig deep into the finer points of these hats, and then go shopping. The market will always offer you new arrivals for different seasons. You have to do research and then decide which one suits your requirement.

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Formal occasions call for fedora hats 

The most familiar and popular hat is the fedora hat. These are the most iconic accessories among both men and women. Apart from the baseball caps and Panama hats, fedora hats are an inseparable part of the fashion industry. You look at history to get fascinated with different fedora hat styles for women and men. They create style with a dented crown, pliable brim, side pinches, and a formal look. They suit countless occasions and face shapes. If you desire to create an adventurous impression, the fedora hat is a ‘yes-yes’.

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Every hat has its competitors. Fedora hats are no exception here. The popularity of trilby hats has called for comparison. The recent debate is that of fedora versus trilby. However, fedora hats with a short brim and a formal look get distinguished among hat wearers. These wide-brimmed hats have eye-catching characteristics and come with a fine finish. The swagger looks helps you fit in the traditional setting. Originally these hats were made of felt, but slow and steady, other materials like wool and cotton started making their way. Today, you will find straw hats, felt hats, synthetic versions, leather hats, and cotton fedora hats.

Get a street style look with cowboy hats

Cowboy hats are popularly known as western hats that conjure up the image of all Hollywood movies. It is a timeless style that creates a dusty look with a modern touch. It is best for your vacations and informal settings. If you are interested in a countryside look and want to display the long crown, you must choose cowboy hats. As the name suggests, these hats provide a cowboy or street style look, whatever you may call it. These mens brim hat come from wool or straw and provide you with a distinct look. You can try out western style cowboy hats often featured in Hollywood movies.

Complete your vacation look with safari hats

Similar to fedora hats, safari hats are known for their versatility and durability. They come with a distinct style and shape and are available in different materials. From cotton to canvas to straw and wool, you name it, and you get it. Famous for the wide brim, these hats gently slope downward on the circumference. The crown size ranges from medium to high, and it comes with a cut crease. You may try out the modern versions of safari hats that are ideal for relaxed winter outings and provide you with extreme comfort. Made of wool, they not only add appeal but give you warmth.

Rock casual setting with bucket hats

Bucket hats have gained immense popularity in the modern style industry. These are ideal for the casual setting because they have a distinct look and feel. The floppy brim of these hats creates an incognito vibe that you cannot resist. You look at Hollywood celebrities; you will see that they got spotted in different events flaunting these hats. Whether it is a sports event or casual get-togethers, bucket hats are always on their list.

You also have Outback hats for a rugged style to build a polished impression. You have to identify which brim size suits your personality. Look at the profile of the hat and understand its features. If you are serious about experimenting with numerous styles, do not miss the opportunity of trying different hats.

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