The curious case of Tim Krul and Jasper Cillessen

Football coaches make substitutions during matches for a lot of reasons. When making the 1xBet app download apk procedure it is possible to wager on substitutions from virtually any Android gadget. Coaches might want to make substitutions due to injury or to improve certain aspects of their game.

However, goalkeepers tend to be substituted only in case of injury. Yet, there have been some curious instances when coaches have thought that substituting a goalkeeper might be helpful in their game.

This is exactly what Louis van Gaal thought when coaching the Netherlands team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Back then, there were three goalkeepers in the Dutch squad, including:

  • Jasper Cillessen;
  • Tim Krul;
  • and Michel Vorm.

All three keepers were in excellent shape, and any of them could be considered a starter for the Dutch squad without problems. However, van Gaal decided to give Cillessen the starting spot on the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Everything about the FIFA World Cups is available in the 1xBet app, whose apk can be downloaded right now for absolutely free.

A decisive penalty shoot-out

On the 5th of July 2014, the Netherlands had a difficult match against Costa Rica in the quarter-finals of the competition. By visiting from tablets and smartphones, it is possible to bet on anything that happens with the Dutch team.

The match ended 0-0 in the regular 90 minutes, and Cillessen was quite solid on the goal. Later, the extra time came, and things were still 0-0. A few minutes prior to the end of the second extra time, it was clear that the match would go to the penalty shoot-outs.

Then, something curious was seen on the Dutch bench. Substitute keeper Tim Krul was getting ready to enter the field. This was quite striking, as Cillessen was in perfect physical condition, without any hint of a possible injury.

Later, the substitution was announced, Cillessen was out and Krul was in. Of course, Cillessen’s face wasn’t exactly a happy one. Later, the penalty shoot-out came. All Dutch players scored, and Krul saved the penalties from Bryan Ruiz and Michael Umaña.

The Netherlands, whose national squad and league are available at 1xBet from mobile devices, advanced to the semi-finals of the competition. Later, van Gaal answered all the questions in a press conference. He didn’t have doubts in having Jasper Cillessen as his starting goalkeeper, however, he thought that Krul was a better choice in penalty kicks. His gamble paid off. This shows that penalty shoot-outs are anything but a lottery. Also, this was one of the very rare instances when goalkeepers are substituted for non-injury reasons.