The Dummies Guide to Remove Background from Image

The background is considered to be important in the photograph of a person. So it becomes very important for a person to make a background according to their needs. Sometimes it is important to remove or replace the background according to the situation. 

A Background remover tool would be very helpful in such situations. We are providing you with all the information related to the most popular Background remover tool on the internet which is ‘Imgkits Background Remover’. It is free and online and provides professional results in just 5 seconds. 

Guide to remove background from image

A person tries to know about the complete guideline by using which background can be removed. To solve this problem the main steps are here:

  • Step 1

A person needs to open up the browser of the device and type Imgkits and then confirm the action by selecting the search option. 

  • Step 2

After entering into the official website you will find different tabs at the upper part of the screen, select the ‘Background remover’ tab. 

  • Step 3

A user will find different Background remover tools and a user can select according to the requirement.

  • Step 4

The system will ask you to upload the photograph by selecting the pink upload button. After uploading the photograph the tool will work on the photograph in 5 seconds to remove background from image.

  • Step 5

The edited photograph will save on the device after selecting the download option. It would be in the PNG format so a person can share it with friends or any other social media website.

Features of a Background remover

Background remover has different features which make it different from other photo editing tools. A user may find a Background remover tab at the upper part of the Imgkits website. 

By selecting the Background remover tab you will head towards different tools that are used to remove background from image. Some of the features of these tools are explained below:

Transparent background

A person can enjoy a transparent background by removing the original background of a photograph. The transparent background is mostly used for professional and business purposes to make the photograph more focused.

Solid background

A person can also remove the background and then be able to insert a solid color background in a photograph. The colored background would be according to the choice of the user as blue background photos are used for professional purposes.

Artificial intelligence

The Background remover of Imgkits work on artificial intelligence hence the background of a photograph is automatically distinguished from the main focus. Even the tool can distinguish between the clothes and other unwanted objects present in the background.

Change Background

A person can also change the background in a way that any photograph present in the gallery can be set as the background of a photo. A person just needs to select the desired photo and everything would be done with only one command.

Image resources

A user can enjoy more than 1 million image resources on one platform which is Imgkits. The resources are with the removed background and are mainly used for commercial purposes without any fee.


The background is an important thing to make the photography more prominent and attractive. If you are a student, businessman, entrepreneur, and content creator you must focus on the background of an image. A background can make the image professional.

Imgkits is an important tool that is used to remove background from image for various purposes in the market. If a person wants to know about background removal and its features then the above guideline would be very helpful in this regard.